Author Topic: Update libFLAC to 1.3.0  (Read 3623 times)


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Legendary FLAC Format Updated to Version 1.3.0 After Six Years:

The most noticeable changes are:
• The development has been moved to the git repository;
 • The --sector-align option of flac has been deprecated;
 • Support has been added for the RF64 and Wave64 formats in flac;
 • The handling of cuesheets with non-CD-DA sample rates has been improved;
 • The error message that is provided when the user attempts to decode a non-FLAC file has been improved;
 • Support has been added 56kHz to 192kHz gain analysis.

Official changelog:

Precompiled binaries for Windows can be found here:

IMHO, as Foobar and many of audio converters  that are popular on Hydrogenaudio forum has already updated, MB should do the same before the stable release to avoid future incompatibility issues.


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+1, took them long six years :o

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its included in the 2.1 release along with the new tak version.
I will include it in the next 2.1 pre release