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Latest Version / MusicBee 3.2 RC2
Last post by Steven on Today at 06:33:31 PM   |  Started by Steven
Second and should be final release candidate:

incremental update and includes all changes since version 3.1 - unzip and then run MusicBee_Setup_3_2_6748.exe

or the full download, including updates to skins and localisations
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Album Cover
Last post by Nighthawk_NL on Today at 06:19:18 PM   |  Started by Nighthawk_NL
Hi Steve and Phred, thanks for your quick response. I am aware of the hoovering but that consumes a lot of time when you have a lot of records. And Tools / Artwork is indeed a good option. Thanks. But I still like to see the dimensions also in the main display panel. I hope this is possible.
Questions / Re: Copying files on playlist to device(i.e. player)
Last post by DrTeeth on Today at 05:28:40 PM   |  Started by spaceBAR
Hi psychoadept,

I was busy this afternoon making a suction device for helping me solder SMDs.

The section on playlist order does not relate to the current version.  Use the List Menu command "Restore Natural Order"
In the Sort By... menu, choose "Playlist Order". There is no "Restore Natural Order" in the list menu (I got there by right-clicking in the playing tracks pane. Similarly, there is no "Playlist Order" in the Sort (right-clicking the column headers got me there).

It looks like you are on the right track. I'll create a # column in the interim.


MusicBee Wishlist / Keyboard shortcut to shuffle tracks
Last post by ProfessorMarvel on Today at 03:45:59 PM   |  Started by ProfessorMarvel
Would it be possible to add an item in the keyboard shortcut  list to play all the tracks in the current view shuffled (similar to right-clicking on an item in the thumbnail browser and choosing "Play Shuffled"? The only current option I can find is to play the whole library shuffled.

Thanks for all you do to make this an incredible program!
yeah, i tried also M3U with and without relative paths, but that does not make any difference. There is no playlist file on the device.
But i need the pla files, because the music app on my Sony Xperia only operates well with them. M3U does not work.

Tomorrow i will add some screenshots of my configuration (I'm currently on another machine), hopefully there is something wrong configured which i didnt recognize.
I have been syncing a lot of playlists with various external devices, SD cards, etc (including an Android phone), and I always get the playlist included on the external device.  In fact, I think that is an object that you can even specifically select or de-select in the sync configuration screen.

So it sounds to me like you do have something configured wrong.  Reply back if you cannot figure it out and I'll connect a device and take a close look at the sync options i am using.
Questions / Re: Identifying music files which are not in the library
Last post by frankz on Today at 03:24:42 PM   |  Started by Axesh
File->Scan Folders For New Files

Add all the folders where your music resides with "Choose Folders"

Make sure "Destination..." is set to "Inbox"

Non-library files that are found will be added to your in your inbox.  From there you can add them to your library or delete them.

The wiki contains a lot of information on basic functions like this, and reading it over will prevent you from having to make new threads for rudimentary questions.
Have you tried a different playlist format?

This may help as far as configuration.
Questions / Identifying music files which are not in the library
Last post by Axesh on Today at 03:16:34 PM   |  Started by Axesh
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way to identify music files from my (dedicated) music directory which are not in the music library.
Because if have a reasonable suspicion, that some files or subdirectorys from my music directory are not included/listed in my music library (formerly iTunes on Windows, now MusicBee).
So, is there a way to identify them easily?, so that I can delete or add them to the library afterwards?

Thanks in advance.
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