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MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Proposal: Extend 'Genre' hierarchy with 'Subgenre'
Last post by alec.tron on Today at 02:01:22 PM   |  Started by jistme
You could then add ... to it's database
Aye, I am active on Discogs and contribute there and use that for all main tags, as for me, this is more suited. But, their negligence of re-strucruting their DB for all kinds of music when growing beyond electronic music is proving difficult for them - as shown when they tried to introduce Tracks as a facet  - which unfortunately failed as the implementation was half-ar*ed unfortunately... and MusicBrainz has shown it has the more thought through data model, generally speaking.
But, neither have solved the genre or instrument issue well...
So, in the meantime until one of them actually adds something consistent & thorough, I'll just continue adding tags by hand when new stuff makes it into the long term library (same for tags like Genres, Energy, Rating.... all are subjectivte, and there is no system to automate this yet [other than having fast access hotkeys for the standard bits...])
Bug Reports / Re: Weird graphical glitches
Last post by frankz on Today at 01:03:57 PM   |  Started by steven005140
Sent, thanks.
Questions / Re: Can MusicBee simply follow directory structure
Last post by phred on Today at 12:46:08 PM   |  Started by fredo
I am not saying it is impossible to achieve what I want in MB. I am sure there is a way, however I spent a significant chunk of two days looking for it, unfortunately to no avail. At some point a person needs to take a step back and ask themselves, do I keep obsessing over this software until I coax it into fitting my needs, or do I just switch to another one that gives me what I want in <5 minutes?
Despite the fact that MB is highly configurable, each user operates in their own way. There are often multiple ways to accomplish the same end result. And then every so often, a request floats by for a feature that MB doesn't do but for which a work-around exists.

Work-arounds were presented to you, yet you choose to ignore them. Or not like them. No one is forcing you to spend hours and hours looking for a solution. No one is forcing you to use MB. If you can switch to another application that does exactly what you want in less than five minutes, it seems like that's what you should do.
While you are technically correct, does this pose an actual problem for you?
If I recall correctly, it was done this way to accommodate for some portable devices that otherwise had problems with reading the date.
General Discussions / Re: [WEBSITE v2] MusicBee website and forum redesign
Last post by hiccup on Today at 12:27:00 PM   |  Started by AvikB
actually that is how it looked before fix, it seems your browser is caching. clear the cache.

I cleared the cache, site preferences, offline data, restarted, etc.
It stays light grey text on white.
(Firefox 83.0)
General Discussions / Re: [WEBSITE v2] MusicBee website and forum redesign
Last post by AvikB on Today at 12:06:08 PM   |  Started by AvikB
That looks pretty unreadable to me... Makes me wonder how it looked before you fixed it ;-) A colour formatting more similar to {code} would look a lot better I think?

actually that is how it looked before fix, it seems your browser is caching. clear the cache.
Thanks for the welcome!

If this is for whatever reason the intended behavior of Musicbee then I guess I'll have to stick to using Mp3Tag. Musicbee seems to do this whenever tags are saved regardless of whether the date is edited.
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Proposal: Extend 'Genre' hierarchy with 'Subgenre'
Last post by hiccup on Today at 11:25:00 AM   |  Started by jistme
so, if people have better ideas where which should go [i.e. is a Player Piano a mechanical instrument first, or a keyboard instrument...?

Why not put it both under mechanical instruments, and under keyboard instruments?
When using hierarchy browsing you will then find the songs tagged with it under both nodes.

But, I do set Instrument tags by hand, as for me the important bit is the song defining instruments and NOT every instrument used in a song or state in the credits - so the musicBrainz instruments tags would only have limited use for me anyway. On top of that, I find them a fairly patchy mess...

Wow, that's a lot of work.
I feel that if Picard/MusicBrainz would work better for you that might be an easier path.
You could then add instruments for recordings to it's database, and you would get those, and the ones that lots of other users contribute back through Picard.
And you would help improving it's database.

I do share the idea of having a 'main instrument' for a recording though.
For most classical concert pieces I don't need to see all the instruments in the orchestra, but only 'Piano' or 'Violin'.
I do have a custom tag for that. But that's a manual process.
(I also use that tag when e.g. a band has a brilliant bass player or contains a great bass solo)

But MusicBrainz is also not ideal to be honest.

Not all instruments will get their own unique entry, but are added as sort of a comment/refinement that is impossible (or just difficult, I have to check again) to retrieve.

Also, if you would like to suggest missing instruments to be added to their database, I find the person responsible for adding instruments (the instruments inserter) not very responsive or approachable.
So I have not been very active on that department myself to be honest.
When Track Information is set to display selected tracks, when you deselect a track, rather than continuing to display the track, could it return to displaying the currently playing/last played track?
MusicBee Wishlist / Metadata Input Autocomplete - wildcard like matching ?
Last post by alec.tron on Today at 10:59:47 AM   |  Started by alec.tron
one thing I would love for a few fields - but have not found a way to do this yet [so if this exists already somewhere, maybe move this to Questions area ?]:

I would love to be able to have automcomplete to match the string independent of position. As is in MB, one has to type the exact beginning of the string one is looking for... alas, for many cases (i.e. 2 to 5 specific tag fields, but I would not mind this to be global [I think]) I would love to have autocomplete be position independent - i.e. from anywhere, not just from the beginning.

i.e. the MIMO based instrument list I posted in the Tag Hierarchy  is a good example:
I would love to type 'Guitar', and autocomplete should be 'offering':
as well as
Guitar mandolin
as well as

Is this already possible somehow, or is this something others would consider something they'd want (as an option - global or per tag-field....?) as well ?
[assuming MB / query performance does allow a wildcard match behaviour...]

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