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Questions / Re: How can I sync my music on my phone ?
Last post by phred on Today at 11:11:03 PM   |  Started by marine
If the phone is not running the Android OS, then you can't use the WiFi Sync app.

If the phone can connect via USB to the computer where MB lives, you can do a wired sync. Take a look at the Wiki section for Device Management:
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Changes to the Analyze Volume dialog
Last post by Kolya on Today at 10:32:21 PM   |  Started by SoftwareSamurai
I think point 4. bears repeating. What I would like to see is a checkbox "prevent clipping" before analysis that will lower replay gain for clipping tracks as needed. The data is obviously there, so why do I have to fiddle with that slider for every clipping track?

I know this is an old topic, but it's still valid, the RG process hasn't changed.
Questions / How can I sync my music on my phone ?
Last post by marine on Today at 10:24:47 PM   |  Started by marine
Hi all !

I was looking for a way to sync my music on my phone (the way itunes works for example), I found that musicbee could do that but I didn't get how !..

If I understood right we can download MusicBee Wifi Sync on the play store but I am not using Android but an other system called /e/ ( On the aurora store I use to download Android's app I can't find any musicbee wifi sync...

Could you give me some help ? I am stuck !
Thanks !
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Prioritize duplicates according to drive or tag
Last post by Bizy on Today at 08:59:15 PM   |  Started by psychoadept
+1 (for ability to list duplicates according to path or tag, in each column)
Questions / Re: Playlist
Last post by sveakul on Today at 07:39:19 PM   |  Started by NGMusic
Glad it fixed the problem!
General Discussions / Thanks Steven for an awesome app !!
Last post by Jaime59 on Today at 07:23:52 PM   |  Started by Jaime59
Just need to say thanks for MusicBee! Coming from WinAmp a few months ago and wow it's everything I need and more. My music has never sounded better!

Keep up the great work :)

Questions / Re: Symantec Norton Security Suite Prevents Muscbee 3.3 from Installing
Last post by phred on Today at 07:11:51 PM   |  Started by ajm220
White-list the entire directory where MB is installed.
Questions / Symantec Norton Security Suite Prevents Muscbee 3.3 from Installing
Last post by ajm220 on Today at 07:05:31 PM   |  Started by ajm220
After downloading the latest version, 3.3, my Norton Antivirus protection prevents it from installing.  This occurred several times even after turning off the firewall and anti-virus protection.  What do you suggest I do?  Thank you.
Questions / Re: Playlist
Last post by NGMusic on Today at 06:55:17 PM   |  Started by NGMusic
Yes all sorted silly me I forgot to close music bee when updating.
Problem fixed thank you all for help
Questions / Re: Can't drag and drop files into library
Last post by psychoadept on Today at 05:38:22 PM   |  Started by dirtee
Well that's why you're having trouble. The whole Program Files folder is restricted. It seems like you got a portable set up in the normal installation directory.

I think you could move it whole to your user appdata folder and MusicBee would find it, but if it's working as-is, great!
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