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Bug Reports / Re: Various bugs with M3U playlists
Last post by jhlogin on Today at 05:28:26 AM   |  Started by jhlogin
I created a static M3U playlist named 'Squeezebox'.  Here is where previously I could set the 'export automatically' setting:

Here is the popup I see when I select that menu item with the patch applied:

Here are my library settings regarding playlists:

Here is how I am trying to export the M3U file:

And here is the M3U file with full path despite the library settings specifying relative paths:

Note that instead of drag and drop you can also use Folder(copy) context menu after selecting files.

EDIT: I also tried to go to the properties of the song to see if I was able to relocate an already added song in the library, but the "location" option is always grayed

When auto-organize option is turned on, the location info for every music file in the library gets grayed out, meaning it's un-editable as MB auto-organizes them following the naming template.
Questions / Re: Sorting compilation with different artist for each song
Last post by redwing on Today at 02:48:05 AM   |  Started by LamaPatate
Did you also tick "detect iTunes compilation tag.." option in Preferences> Sorting/Grouping with Various Artists entered in the box?
Basically there are two ways to handle compilations: either put "Various Artists" to album artist tag explicitly or put nothing in album artist tag and use iTunes compilation tag to display the entered text as album artist tag.
Questions / Re: Sorting compilation with different artist for each song
Last post by LamaPatate on Today at 02:21:16 AM   |  Started by LamaPatate
Argh, just tried it, doesn't work as I wanted, that's the exact same result of what I described in my original post.

What does the "iTunes Compilation" option exactly? I mean I never ever saw any difference using it neither in iTunes nor in MusicBee, is it suppose to group different artist into one like it is in a compilation? If so, it as never worked for me neither in iTunes nor in my iPod classic, I already tried this option several years ago in iTunes.

Actually, that not a big deal, I think I can live without it, I will probably gave up on trying to have different artist for a compilation then.
Thanks for your help.
If iTunes can handle that issue, you could use iTunes for syncing after exporting library or playlists from MB instead of directly syncing with MB. That's how I sync music files to my iPhone:
I guess so, apple devices seem to be very incomplete regarding tags and options, but what I mean is since it does work with iTunes, when synchronizing "The Rolling Stones" with iTunes, it's automatically sorted as "Rolling Stones, The" while it is displayed "The Rolling Stones", I think it's something with the library files in the iPod, but anyway I guess it's not possible to do it with MusicBee, at least for now.

Then I will try probably use the option to replace artist tag by sort artist tag, and make some changes regarding the way I sorted some of my artist name.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
The iTunes like method does work great!
Sorry for not having figured out it by myself, I don't use the program for so long, so I don't know what the ton of options are for and I miss some of them.

Thanks a lot, you're such a big help right here!
Questions / Re: Sorting compilation with different artist for each song
Last post by phred on Today at 01:56:58 AM   |  Started by LamaPatate
Make Album Artist "Various Artists" and place the track artist as Artist.
Also mark all tracks in the album as "iTunes compilation." This is done on the 'settings' tab of the Tag Editor.

(By the way, sorry for doing several threads, I tired to not mixed up questions that have nothing in common to keep a clear subject for future researches).
That's the way to do it. No need to be sorry for multiple, unrelated threads.
This is not a MusicBee issue. It is the iPod that won't ignore the words. The work-around would be to eliminate the words you want ignored. So "The Rolling Stones" would need to be edited to "Rolling Stones."
Have a look at my reply to another member's similar question;

To auto-organize files from drives different from the drive where your library is located, you need to add an additional drive mapping to the auto-organization setting, otherwise MB will just point to those files without moving them.

But if you want to copy files like iTunes does, you can take the following approach without creating additional mapping.

- Create a new folder in C drive for importing music files and set the folder as one of the monitored folders in library setting.
- Now drag and drop tracks from the external drive not to music library node but to that new folder under MB's computer node in left navigator.
- Then those files will be copied because drag and drop between different drives copies files.
- Now they will be auto-imported either to inbox or library depending on your settings.
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