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Questions / Re: Custom sorting
Last post by chrswrn on Today at 11:33:30 PM   |  Started by Steven
Picking up an old thread here - I think my current problem is relevant.

Taking one album as an example, I'll use:

Album: Good Morning To The Night
Album Artist: Elton John; Pnau
Year: 2012

I split the display artist so it appears in two places in my Main Panel - both in Elton John's section, and Pnau's section.

It uses my default sort settings: <Album Artist>/Year/<Sort Album>

Because the default "Sort as" Album Artist is Elton John; Pnau, the album sits in the correct place in Elton John's section (his albums sorted by year, it sits where 2012 should do) but in Pnau's because the "Sort as" starts with 'Elton' it sits above all Pnau's albums, so it comes before their debut album in 1999.

My requirement is that is is sorted by year in both Elton's section and Pnau's section. Is there currently a working solution for that, which I just haven't figured out yet?
Questions / Re: Replace "Genre" with "Category Genre" when syncing?
Last post by psychoadept on Today at 10:45:54 PM   |  Started by alvarodel8
You can revive the old request, it's fine :)

I hear you. I'm taking programming classes, wish I had time to actually do the programming too. Someday...
General Discussions / Re: So how big is your music library?
Last post by sommer on Today at 10:26:51 PM   |  Started by ma_t14
Tracks: 195649
Albums: 15014
Length: 599d 0:12
Size 3975 GB (NAS storage)
Works quick!
Skins / New skin elements for 3.3
Last post by redwing on Today at 10:19:33 PM   |  Started by redwing

multi-line track text display
multi-line track text display for the main player is now user configurable for the standard skins and any custom skins that enable support
<element id="PlayerMultilineSupported">true</element>
you can right click/Customise... on the player panel to set the fields displayed (Preferences/Layout(1)).
Only the top field scrolls if its too wide. Also the top line font uses the configured font and the 2nd line is set smaller and less contrast but that is not configurable (fg2 of PlayerFlat.DisplayPanel colors 2nd-line text).

<element id="PlayerMultilineYAdjustment">-6</element>
applies y adjustment to the multi-line track text, but most of the time this is not needed if track text is placed properly

hide multi-line track text for wavebar layout
<element id="PlayerWaveBarHideMultiLine">true</element>
This is only needed if you want to hide multi-line track text in the wavebar layout when multiLine="true" is used when creating a custom skin which is no longer needed if you want to support both display options

far alignment for track position
<element id="PlayerSplitProgressTextFarAlign">true</element>
forces far alignment (left align on the left progress and right align on the right duration)
Skins / Re: New skin elements for 3.2
Last post by redwing on Today at 09:58:34 PM   |  Started by redwing
@Steven, why not merge this thread and New skin elements for 3.1 thread to your new elements thread?
I will start a new 3.3 thread for the multiline support.
Questions / Re: Replace "Genre" with "Category Genre" when syncing?
Last post by alvarodel8 on Today at 09:57:07 PM   |  Started by alvarodel8
Well it was, back in 2013... Should I create a new request? Doesn't sound hard to make, it's the same concept as artists names.

I wish I knew how to program :'(
Skins / Re: Skinning Requests for 3.2
Last post by redwing on Today at 09:56:13 PM   |  Started by redwing
Yep, that fixed it. Thanks!
Skins / Re: Skinning Requests for 3.2
Last post by Steven on Today at 09:53:40 PM   |  Started by redwing
thats fixed now
Skins / Re: Skinning Requests for 3.2
Last post by redwing on Today at 09:47:25 PM   |  Started by redwing
Thanks! It looks better.

There's one more issue. The 2nd line is visible in the wavebar layout.
Skins / Re: Skinning Requests for 3.2
Last post by Steven on Today at 09:43:37 PM   |  Started by redwing
But there's an issue. fg2 of PlayerFlat.DisplayPanel colors both track text on progress bar's filler part and the 2nd line of track text.
The fg for the filler part may need an override.
I literally just uploaded a change for that. However the 2nd line doesnt have any colour override for when the progress bar is over the text. Thats not easy for me to implement and I probably wont
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