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Questions / Re: Autotag by track not working.
Last post by vincent kars on Today at 10:42:35 AM   |  Started by vincent kars
Found it.
This is a compilation made by myself by throwing together all kind of singles from various samplers.
I call this "The alphabet of Pop" in the Album tag
This tag is used in the lookup and of course this failed.

If I remove ALBUM or substitute the original ALBUM "Greatest hits of the 80's" it works.

It would be convenient if MB reports in cases like this that it can't match the Album
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Proposal: Extend 'Genre' hierarchy with 'Subgenre'
Last post by Steven on Today at 09:54:58 AM   |  Started by jistme
Could it be possible to interact with the main window and maybe even tag editor while editing the tag hierarchy? Would make transferring values much easier.

Another small convenience thing: if you add a new line from the end of the previous line, MusicBee auto-tabs so they stay in line. Could it do the same if you have your cursor at the beginning of the line (but after the tabs)? Currently, that moves the text to the very beginning of the next line. If that's not clear I can capture a gif.
Hold everything! I've found the restore function. I think that will do exactly what I want. :) I think I may also be able to sync too but the wiki doesn't mention if this also includes stats?

If anyone knows if the interface can be locked though, it would be good to know.
It looks like the playlist was stopped from saving mid-way through. Do you recall restarting windows (or perhaps terminating musicbee itself) just after making a change to that playlist (before adding the files to the playlist that threw the error you reported)?

The full playlist itself is not recoverable and should be deleted.

Bug Reports / Re: crash report: newest beta version patch
Last post by Steven on Today at 09:16:51 AM   |  Started by DrRoboculous
Is this issue repeatable?
Questions / Correct way to save all settings, stats etc? Transfer to another PC?
Last post by gizmo1990 on Today at 09:01:52 AM   |  Started by gizmo1990
I've finally got MusicBee setup with my collection and am really enjoying using it. I also have a copy of my music collection on a second PC which I'd like to setup musicbee on too.

Looking through the settings, I'm not seeing a method which will allow me to transfer the stats which Musicbee creates? I'd like to be able to transfer these across initially.

On that note, I'd like to make sure that when I do my normal backups that I also backup MusicBee and its settings too. It may seem like a small thing but it's quite fascinating to go through the stats sometimes and I'd hate to lose them! Is there a standard way in which MusicBee does this?

Another quick question I've not been able to answer, is there a way to lock MusicBee's interface? So that it can't be alter, such as moving panels and changing their sizes accidentally? I've saved the layout but a lock function would be great.

Any advice much appreciated.
Questions / Re: How do I remove the dead space in the Track Information panel?
Last post by gizmo1990 on Today at 08:39:54 AM   |  Started by gizmo1990
Just got round to trying this and it worked! :-[ I just presumed that because there was already a 'free' slot below 'Last Played', that it should be reflected in the panel. Hence when it wasn't, I couldn't work it out! :-\

Moving 'Last Played' directly under the first line though seemed to force Musicbee to clear up those slots so it looks nice and uniform now.

Thanks a lot @psychoadept That has been bugging me so much!
Bug Reports / Re: Ratings Not Showing
Last post by Steven on Today at 08:28:40 AM   |  Started by please55
If you send me a link to one of the problem files i will have a quick look
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