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MusicBee Wishlist / Column Browser unique to its respective tab
Last post by Xenatier on Today at 10:00:25 AM   |  Started by Xenatier
Currently column browser will display the same fields throughout every tab you have open. Would it be possible to make it unique to a certain tab? For example one tab would have the column browser only displaying artists while another tab would have it only displaying genres.
that should be fixed for the next v3.1 update
Questions / Re: Radio Stations Disappeared • MusicBee v3.1.6293
Last post by Steven on Today at 09:08:09 AM   |  Started by WannaBee
I cant imagine any scenario where MB would remove the stations. Unless you have a backup of MusicBeeLibrary.mbl then you wont be able to recover them unless somehow they are now in your music library
Bug Reports / Re: Podcasts won't refresh at startup
Last post by klint on Today at 08:29:36 AM   |  Started by klint
Hi Steven, same good news here :)
I knew you would not let it down. Thanks so much!
Questions / MOVED: Left main panel - thumbnail browser
Last post by psychoadept on Today at 08:26:50 AM   |  Started by psychoadept
yes it was changed and i have changed it back:

unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files
Questions / Radio Stations Disappeared • MusicBee v3.1.6293
Last post by WannaBee on Today at 08:24:31 AM   |  Started by WannaBee
Hi everyone  :)

My list of radio stations disappeared. It is hard to pinpoint an event, or time, to it. My guess is it disappeared after splitting my Music Library. I have read in elsewhere on the forum that the radio stations are stored in the main library file: "musicBeeLibrary.mbl". This file is located in each of the new libraries.

How do I retrieve the lost list of radio stations?

MusicBee Wishlist / Left main panel - thumbnail browser
Last post by jasongnome on Today at 08:18:43 AM   |  Started by jasongnome
On 3.0 I had two custom fields set, Source (on custom 4) and trackyear (on custom 3).

Now I've upgraded to 3.1, Source has stayed the same, but trackyear has disappeared and its tags automatically moved to the new "original year" tag. It seems to have done it properly, the values seem to be correct, but there's a minor irritation.

Original year isn't an option in the drop down menu on the left main panel, meaning I can no longer use it to easily see tracks from a particular year.

It's not a major issue, more a trivial annoyance, but it would be good if it could appear there in a later update.
Questions / Re: Problem installing new version.
Last post by jasongnome on Today at 07:51:45 AM   |  Started by jasongnome
Perfect. Worked. :)
Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools
Last post by M.O.Z.G on Today at 07:45:25 AM   |  Started by boroda74
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