MusicBee API for developers

MusicBee API

MusicBee API enables plugin developers to access information held in MusicBee and to control MusicBee.
Initially the API is focussed on enabling your plugin to be notified of player events, retrieve tag data, and to control the player. Over time APIs will expand to stream music data, control GUI aspects so you can create new views or possibly entirely skin MusicBee.

For MusicBee v3.0

All dlls need to be named MB_*.dll and placed in the Plugins folder where MB is installed. If using C# or VB.NET, you need to target .NET 4.0 client profile and for all interfaces note that MusicBee runs in 32-bit mode on 64-bit machines

C# SourceVB.NET Source

The API interface is backwards compatible, so you are not required to update your plugin every time the API is updated