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Make this a sticky thread???? But i love MB!!! it is so easy to copy music to a SD card and have it automatic converted.

Dutch Translation

WMP 12 Skin


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I can't believe MusicBee is being developed by one person???


Thanks so much for your effort!

I used MediaMonkey some time, but had problems concerning the library. I am really happy with MusicBee, but haven't used all the functions, yet.

Hope some people make use of the donation button! Will do so soon!


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Just installed v2, and this is even more awesome! HOORAY!


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Almost 100% off iTunes....  Very appreciative.  ;D



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What a brilliant idea, MusicBee Rules The World Appreciation Society.

I have come to understand that EMBEE, as I refer to it, actually means,” Everyone’s Music Best Emissary Ever.”  I wish I could explain clearly enough just how much I appreciate the work put in by Steven and others, which goes to make EMBEE what it is … and that is brilliant, reliable effective with great sound reproduction … I listen to my music through Bose computer sound system and a bog standard sound card.

I have tried many other programs, (not all), for controlling my music library and since my discovery of EMBEE, my search for peace of mind has ended.  EMBEE has been recommended to a number of friends who all feel very similar to me.  I retain only one other audio program, which is Winamp, and that is out of loyalty having used Winamp for about 15 years.

I do have one major complaint.  Sometimes, when I direct EMBEE to carry out an operation, it just sits there looking at me, adopting a stance of looking over its spectacles and drumming its fingers.  When I repeat the same instruction, the monitor seems to settle back on its haunches and the resolution narrows to a glare.  The HELP dialogue box drops down.  When I check the error log, I find it says, and I quote “Idiot, why don’t you read the help files.”  After doing so, EMBEE returns to its user-friendly status.

I have to say, I hold Steven personally responsible for making me feel so small.    ;)

In my humble opinion, even including my complaint, use a superlative and it describes MusicBee

If the reading of Paragraph 3 brings about a feeling of anything other than mirth/humour, at any level, take a drop more water with it and chill



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After the next ordeal with Helium Music Manager i went looking for a replacement and stumbled upon MusicBee.

I wished i had discovered it sooner :D.

It does all HMM does and much more and all with a fraction of the memory use and a lot more speed. In order to use HMM with a large dbase for example, well 116k files in my case, you need to run MySql or SQL Server in order to at least keep a bit of speed. But the speed doesn't even come close to MusicBee.

So all in all thank you very much for a beautiful peace of music management software and sharing it with everybody.


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Hi there.

I've been using other softwares to listen to my music, but always had that feeling that I was missing something.
Couldn't really organize my albums, and always ended up using my computers folder organization. Been like this for decades!

Until I found MusicBee. That incomplete feeling is going away as I organize the albums and tune up the software. Its great!

Way to go!

Thank you!


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Wow is all I can say and why wow

1) quicker and more responsive than Songbird
2) features that you have to pay for on Real Player

Loving the landscape feature certainly much better than any other music players virtulisations

Only wish there was an android version (hint)

Keep up the good work  ;D


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Forgot to add

Had problems with syncing my phone to several music players but with MB it was just plug it in with no hassle. As Mr Burns would say 'Excellent'


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Just to say million thanks to Steven and those buddies who help bringing us MB, turning me a die-hard WAMP user becomes one in the beehive. 


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 I provide basic maintenance help to others  while accepting no payment whatsoever (never have).   However, lately for those interested in music, I have been installing MB and suggesting in lieu of funds to me, they can contribute to this project.

I certainly appreciate this project... I enjoy my music more than ever.

Thank you Steven!
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They are not lazy... just more efficient.


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Awesome program particularly now that it's portable.

My Mom and Dad use me as their default techie and I've set this upfor them  in Liberkey as a portable app.
My folks love this program - it makes it so easy for them and they're full-on digital music fundis now.
I've asked them to make a donation.

I also can't believe how good it is at organising a shambolic music collection.
Looking forward to MB v2 final...


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Just downloaded because it was recommended in a technology magazine. AMAZING.  My first goal is a music catalogue; I'm really picky about mp3 tags, artwork, being able to organize my collection by year, artist, etc. I've been using MediaMonkey (which I still think is great) but your program is really good, and found some VERY interesting details like a lyrics internet retriever (Songbird does that, and MM has trouble now that winamp plugin is being blocked), and the ability to link to internet sites (I love from George Starostin)!! That is priceless and were my top wishes for MM.  Still have to investigate it more, has a lot of options, but I'm very happy with what I've got. THANKS!! I am a programmer and can only imagine how much work went into this. You made my day, week, month! ;)