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When I look at Music>Music Bee>Music>jack Jones, I see all my 34 or so albums, when I open each album Most all of them have separate tracks for each song, but 6 of the albums, when opened the same way, show only one .mp3 file that contains all the songs in that album on one track (not what I want). When I go back to any of those 6 albums in the Music Bee, they are listed there as separate tracks, just like I entered them and like I want them to be.  How come in the "backup' or "Music" listing of Music Bee these 6 each have all their tracks in in track? 
I'd like to have those 6 albums saved with separate tracks as well. How can I accomplish this. Remember, I am a newbie, so don't start giving me code to enter Ha!


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This means that the tracks are defined by a .cue file, which may be embedded in the larger file. You should be able to separate them using the file converter, although since it's a lossy format you may lose some audio quality inn the conversion.
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