Author Topic: Have a rooted GS3? Want fast syncing?  (Read 7165 times)


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As many with Android devices know- they did away with UMS (USB Mass Storage) and replaced it with MTP which syncs very very slow.. I was poking around on Google looking to see if there was an app or workaround to get it back. I came across this free app in the Play Store.-- 

SG USB Mass Storage Enabler.

It only works on rooted devices. I tried it on my rooted Galaxy S3 and the syncing is now lightning fast. Don't know what other devices it will work with so YMMV.

I have nothing to do with the Dev, or the app.. I have gotten a lot of help here trying to get Musicbee set up, and just thought I'd pass along this info'.

Just make sure to read the description..


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Thanks for pointing this out! I had looked for a workaround before, but had no luck. This should be a huge improvement.