Author Topic: Few ideas/fixes for left sidebar: track info/ player control/ now playing  (Read 1512 times)


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a pic says more than 1000 words.

i show 4 points for fixes/ options.

i hope it´s possible.

reason for the changes: just one sidebar is open and show a lot infos. more space for library browser.
player control panel isn´t important to me, but i saw that it can be integrated in now playing top/botton, so the left bar could complete the selectable options (i forgot, player control panel can also be shown on the top under menu line  :D )

edit i saw, that "artwork" could be handled with mouse to adjust the size. that´s okay, but still an option to do not display would be fine
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i understand the main idea what you want. But just so you are aware, you can already resize the artwork panel in the area at the top of the artwork section and the track info panel size is auto-sized from the fields you display, so to resize the lyrics just resize the entire panel by dragiing the top of the panel
also if you dont care about about the now playing list and want to make more room for lyrics and artwork in that vertical arrangement, just untick 'Show Now Playing List' in the drop-down menu on the Track Information header
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