Author Topic: Editing "date added" for several songs in one shot  (Read 3812 times)


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I'd like to change the "date added" tag for several songs (too much to do it by hand... ^^), but today the only possibility we have is to do it one by one... Could you enable this for a multi-selection ? It's enabled if there is one song selected, but not for more songs (the tab "properties" is not shown)...

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Here's a workaround.
It would be much easier for this task if you have your music files folder monitored and new files set to go to library instead of inbox.

1. Delete the tracks you want to modify Date Added from library only. (Be cautious not to delete them from your computer too.)
2. Exit MB and relaunch MB.

Then those files will be auto-imported to library with a new Date Added value. If you want to put a date other than today, first adjust your Windows date and time and then do the steps above.
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It was a really clever idea, I didn't think of it... It worked perfectly, thanks ;)

Just to let you know : even if music goes to inbox, it works.


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