Author Topic: Proposal: Extend 'Genre' hierarchy with 'Subgenre'  (Read 98624 times)


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Thanks for the confirmation - as this is what I would have expected, but is actually rarely happening. i.e. often for me, the (xxx) number of a tag group with NO children, is not accurate to the actual content / amount of files of that group.
What I mean by aggregated is a group without a "::" tag assignment - which in turn combines the 'shown' (xxx) numbers correctly.
But the core issue is that the (xxx) number of a node with "::" tag assignment  (with no children) is not correct, fairly often, and never when switching tabs twice, seemingly.
Is no one else seeing this ?
is it ever wrong on MB startup?
I can reproduce incorrect behavior when switching tabs

this should fix the tab switching issue:
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For me official Genre field is populated by hand-picked Genre descriptors that are true for me.
DISCOGS_RELEASE_GENRES & DISCOGS_STYLES hold the discogs auto tagger values and represent the discogs definitions (which can be great, but also terribly hit & miss...).
This allows me to see my library contents within 2 (or more) Genre Taxonomies easily, side by side, and it's awesome; especially since it comes for free as the discogs data has been added to most of my library over the last years :D

Could you provide a screenshot of how this looks and works for you?


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is it ever wrong on MB startup?
Just saw I never replied to this...
I never saw this wrong on start-up; only after switching tabs, which is fixed now - although, I have not tested extensively, as away from main rig & library for a wee while.