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I have all my podcasts set to manual download, is there any way for MB to have a notification for new, undownloaded episodes? Otherwise I have to expand each subscription to check for new episodes and even then it's not very obvious if there are any new ones.


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no that is not supported.
But how would MB know what is new? - new since the last time you opened the podcasts panel
and why not configure MB to download only the most recent podcast automatically.
I cant see myself agreeing to do this


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A new podcast is any new content since last sync/refresh and should be marked/hi-lighted appropriately until it is downloaded or dismissed.

The reason I don't have them all set to auto download is because many of my podcasts subscriptions are music related and I'm not always interested in listening to them, also I don't want to open musicbee for it then to proceed in downloading a bunch of podcasts which could be hundreds of MB.

If you are going to include an option for manual download then surely there must be some sort of system for notifying the user of new content because at the moment there's no obvious way of knowing, unless you check dates/descriptions yourself, which is not very good!

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Special labeling or filtering of new episodes and the functionality to manually dismiss/archive episodes would be great features. I'd really like to see them in MusicBee.

All my podcast subscriptions are set to manual download, because I like to decide which episodes should be downloaded. This is especially important, when you have an internet connection with limited download volume.