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I bump this thread cause I came to my mind once again that I'd really prefer to use my own browser - with all my adblock, plugins, mouse gestures etc.

Take the "playing track" tab panel for instance.
I don't use it as a separate tab, but as a small panel at the bottom of main panel.
I use bio very often, as there is an option for showing biography only, without's formatting. Clean and handy:

On the other hand - I never click on the rest of tabs (wikipedia, youtube, songfacts). With this small panel size  I use it's uncomfortable. I'd need to scroll a lot or resize the panel and then, after the reading, scale it back down:

So the result is that I don't use these tabs - if I need to read about a song, I go to songfacts on my own webbrowser.

I totally understand the fact some people find the MB's integrated browser useful.

would there be an option to set it according to own preferences? As a default behavior it could work with the integrated browser, I'd just love the option that would allow me to redirect those tabs to my default browser.
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+1 for redirect to default browser, especially links in track info panel, etc.
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Could any admin move last messages from this thread (beginning f.e. from  my message dated 08 Pa?dziernik 2014, 18:11:55) to  the Wishlist? With the title "Redirect to the default browser".

I guess the current thred " Remove the embedded web browser" is misleading. At least it's not what we here are discussing about :)