Author Topic: Manage player from another computer (remote control)  (Read 3107 times)


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I have a dedicated computer for playing music (aka music center). When I want to change something I should stand up and walk. This annoys a bit. So, today I use teamviewer, but it is not the best solution.

I don't know, is it possible technically, but it would be nice to manage MB installed on my music server by installation on another computer in the network (a laptop which is on my lap). It means, players commands (play, pause, music selection) from my computer are send and executed on dedicated music player computer. MB installation on my computer becomes a remote control of my music server.

Or, additionally there can be an app for android to turn it to remote control of MB.


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see the plugins topic as there is an android remote in the works.
Also if a developer is reading this, there is a plugin API that fully supports controlling MusicBee so a plugin could be bullt.
And lastly, if someone is willing to do an HTML front-end, i might be willing to do a web-server plugin so MB acts as a web server and responds to commands


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OOO.  Android in the works....  Very nice...  I've got cordless headphones and walking around with my tablet is the don...