Author Topic: How to copy music into library?  (Read 18939 times)


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Thanks for the confirmation, that iTiunes copies the files automatically....

So I hope this feature could be implemented as soon as possible.....
(Or that anybody can tell me a workaround which really works..)


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OK... Next try...

- created a seperate folder which is scaned permanently and the files are added to the inbox
- the library is auto-organized

- Copy the song into the import folder
- Send them (Move to) to the organized folders
- Send the entries to the library

Until now it seems to work...


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i've added an option in the library auto-organiser to copy the source files into the library, so they get auto-organised but a copy of the original files remain at their original location. Its in the next update which i will probably post later today


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very nice of you to actually do something with the suggestions posted here!
MusicBee is the best!


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The mediafire link is down now - any chance of a reupload?



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If you're on the current version, you should have it.  If you're not sure, check here:

(But I think this post is old enough that even 2.0 should do this.)
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hello. Just taking a chance here. I recently migrated from iTunes to MusicBee last night.

I checked auto-organize last night, and it seamlessly COPIED from the source files to the music bee folder. So as of last night, I had 4 new folders in the MusicBee folder, while the rest of my files are still in my iTunes folders.

This is just the way I want it. I would like to keep my iTunes folders intact because I don't want to import back again if I ever revert to iOS.

However, I tried to change the naming template in my music bee folder through the auto organize option, because every time I added new files, they were copied to the music bee folder with an extra "1" (e.g. 1 - 01 - *song title* , 1 - 02 - *song title* - again, this is in the music bee folder; the file name looks just fine in the actual program.

I made a mistake and clicked proceed, and realized early on that it was also transferring my itunes music to the music bee folder while applying the new template.

Now my music bee folder is in a mess filled with 01 - 3, 02 - 3's etc (because this was the mistake I made in changing the tags, choosing track # and filename instead of title for the tags)

Is there any way for me to:

Basically, is there any way to:
1. remove the extra 1 (through changing naming templates)
2. without having to move the entire library (there seems to be no way to untick it in auto organization; i want to keep my old files  in case i revert back to iOs)
3. and when you drag a new folder of an album, it gets stored as a folder too in the music bee music folder.  (this last problem is recent, now when I add songs by bulk, they don't get stored as folders but as individual files)

My last resort would be to uninstall and reinstall music bee, but that would be tedious.I like the program, especially because of it's clean interface and lyric search feature.

I hope that somebody in the forum can still address this. Thank you very much.