Author Topic: So how big is your music library?  (Read 117473 times)


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54,985 songs (all flac, most hi res 900-11,200 bit rate)
2,761.3 GB
165 days, 14 hours, 9 minutes


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149 GB
12283 Songs in many different formats...
While 47GB Anime songs included  ;D
Greetings from China ;)
Poor in English but trying hard to handle it... :-\


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913,837 Tracks
50,305 Albums
2410 Days
62,295 Artists

Thats a lifetime collection, from a working DJ


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@Smudger - I couldn't find a bowing emoji :-)  Good thing they're not on vinyl anymore :-)

23,524 tracks
104.4 GB
56 days 6 hours
5,175 artists

HAL Lives

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378 Albums *
1497 Tracks **
10ds, 9hrs, 41mins

* Once I decided to move on from iTunes and mp3's I spent a couple of months going through my CD collection and re-ripping everything to FLAC. What I have in my library now is a little less than half my total collection... the rest of it I just can't listen to any more! LOL!

** 1 track for me could be "Pretty Vacant" by the Sex Pistols, or the complete "Dark Side of the Moon" edited into a single track; I've been ripping my CD's since before the days of gapless playback and Track/Album leveling! :)


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I have 56.298 Titel, 8931 Albums, 557,2 GB
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After tagging and removing the duplicates with Songkong Pro and Musicbee , I have 57.704 tracks (188 Gb, 131 d 2:57)


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Man, I have a lot more to cover for. I guess it's time to make my own music bucket list.


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I have
Tracks 33,000+
Length 90d 3:41
Size 250.88GB


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I only do FLAC releases, can't stand not having the full albums either.

No problem loading, instant play, no delays nor random pauses like itunes did.


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- 44,114 Files
- 491.7 Gigs. (All my classical music - 11,744 Files, 238.5 Gig - is in lossless(ALAC))
All non classical is either uploaded from a CD or downloaded in AAC. 

I hate mp3.  The sound sucks.



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My main library is 3,808 files, 52.5 GB. There are a lot of songs and soundtracks, and roughly 24.5GB is flac (833 files).

I switched from iTunes to MusicBee at the start of 2017, but back then I had no flacs, and maybe half or a third the number of files. MusicBee was by far superior in speed (starting up, running, processing/tagging). It's always had the tiniest bit of unpredictability in whether it starts on command (might take a couple clicks of the icon before it chooses to display the start-up).

I have it sitting in the background 99% of the time in Compact Player view, having assigned CTRL+SHIFT+M to switching between compact and main view, because I do this frequently.
However, since I have recently been steadily adding to my library from what was once 10GB to >50Gb, I have noticed that when I switch from compact into main view, it has taken longer to properly display (windows stays white for a couple seconds while it prepares itself.
I am also not sure if this is the doing of my larger library or the major update that I installed (from mid-2017 to August 2018 I did not update).
Also, recently it has been crashing more frequently, usually if I'm editing a large number of tags or converting a large number of files.


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Tracks: 195649
Albums: 15014
Length: 599d 0:12
Size 3975 GB (NAS storage)
Works quick!


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