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I see a lot of 'thank you' threads for Steven and his wonderful player and thought we should have a single official thread for doing so.. So here it is. Thanks Steven!

I've recently joined -
Feel free to add me if you wish :)

EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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Perfect, because I signed up to do just this – appreciate!

I just had to sign up and say that I am blown away by Music Bee so far! I've only been using it for a couple of days, but so far it's been outstanding. It's so lightweight, yet feature rich.

I've tried a few similar products, and Music Bee is the clear winner. I can't believe that it imported a library of about 10,000 songs in roughly a few minutes, whereas a competitor took over an hour. (Edit: To be fair, I think that the competitor was checking for dublicates while importing, but still.)

I feel like being cautious, just in case problems crop up with further, heavier usage, but it really looks like this is going to be a keeper. What a sweet (hehe) program.
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It does everything I need without having to add any extra components to it.
Customizing it is extremely simple and I don't have to search all over the place for things, it's just right there!
I like how you can just go in and directly play your music without having to do the whole playlist thing.
The inbox feature is something I never thought of in a music player and it has helped me organize my mess of music.
I have many audiobooks and I hated having to do special things for them to be separate from my music. Just drag and drop!
Love having the internet integrated in so I can look up something real quick without having to wait for my browser to load up.
Super happy that it has a Metal preset for the equalizer lol No player I've used has that right in it.
Tagging is so easy, I don't have to go and change every track manually like I use too.
The support is the best. No need for the desktop client and one of the few (probably only I think) to have the radio and love button built in.
Support from Steven and others is quick and thorough. People here actually help!!  ;D
and of course there is so much more  ;)

I never thought I would find a good music player for windows because it seems like windows is left behind in this department imo but I've found it and it's here to stay on my computer and computers to come  :D


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I have tried loads of players which are either very limited (looking at you itunes) or have everything but crash every time you try to do anything (a nod in the direction of MediaMonkey) . MusicBee is probably the best play I have come across, everything is fixed quickly, features are added and Steven is active with help and advice. I was happy to donate, just wish I could afford more.


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I have to say, that MusicBee has actually allowed me to enjoy my music more than I ever did.  The playlists in MediaMonkey would upset because I couldnt get the settings I wanted and like "richardap1" mentioned, it also crashed quite often on me.  I've never had that issue with MusicBee.  Its really easy to use like iTunes , but without gobbling all my system resources.


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I have been using music bee for some time now and I don't see myself going back to anything else.
Foobar seemed to unfriendly and hard to configure, never got to actually use it.
Music bee was an excellent tagger (drag and drop), but its interface is ugly and the library navigation is way worse, more inconsistent and limiting then Music Bee's "Filter pane" based one.
And Songbird, although it has a nice interface and features but is still buggy and less flexible than Music Bee, even with all the addons. Also missing some basic things like a now playing list.

Anyway, thank you very much for this wonderful free music player, you managed to do what no other big corporation achieved. And the portable version is the best, never drop it! Many thanks!


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I'm glad you made this thread. I always wondered why there was no casual forum section as I imagine a lot of people would like to post appreciation and talk about how they use Musicbee.

I literally spent years looking for a great music player, at one point I was using 3 for different uses (not what I want). There were pros and cons to the others.

Foobar was great with my tags and low resource, but it had no mtp support and no album art main view - as well as requiring constant tweaking.
WMP12 had a great album view and syncing, but it consistently messed my tags and album art, a constant nightmare.
Mediamonkey was great for tags but it was ugly as sin, locked up a lot, and was really unintuitive.
Winamp had great radio support but it used up tons of resources and was a pain to tweak (which it needed).
Songbird had fantastic features, great podcast and radio uses, and was decent with tags - but my god it was a resource hog!
itunes was....just bad.

Musicbee had every single pro, as well as ton more (playing from main player, inboxing new records, tab navigation, auto-shutdown, etc). But the best thing about musicbee is that I've gone from being in love with it, to completely forgetting about it. Now I can just use my music how I want, and I never have to google solutions, tweak the preferences, or run into problems, which is the best compliment I can give it.


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Love it! 

I needed to find a new media center program when the one I was using continuously crashed whenever I plugged in my Clickfree Transformer SE (which is a usb continuous backup system).  So I went in search of media players that would work with my backup device and found that Windows Media Player, Songbird, and MusicBee all worked fine. 

After some basic testing MusicBee was the handsdown winner in terms of speed and user interface.  Within a couple of hours I had my 50,000+ FLAC and MP3 files imported and the user interface customized to my liking.  This program is drop dead simple, well thought out and very easy to customize.  It's been running crash-free for 11 hours even while a full backup was running.


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MusicBee is better quality and more actively developed than most of the software I've bought.

However, I'm ashamed to admit that after using Music Bee for four months, even though I've been meaning to donate since the first day, I haven't got round to doing it yet. Steven even implemented four or five of my wishlist ideas during that time, and I still haven't got round to paying for this brilliant software!

I donated today though, (just now in fact - half way through writing this post). It only takes a couple of minutes by credit card (or paypal account if you've got one). There's only six fields to fill out - it couldn't be easier.

I'm sure there are loads of people like me who would like to donate, but always think 'tomorrow' or 'at the weekend'. I'd encourage you to go get your wallet NOW and press the donate button at the top of the forum before reading the next post!  Then it's done - you don't need to have it hanging at the back of your mind every time you open MusicBee!


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I'm actually listening to more music because MusicBee makes it easier to organize, and it gets out of the way when you don't need to see it.

Awesome job, Steven, and thanks!


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MusicBee fulfills basically any requirement in terms of thoughtful interaction design, from neat interface design to extensive functionality, great mapping and usability, not to mention involvement of end users (us!) throughout the design process. We need more people like Steven!


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Its not just me.
We wouldnt have the fantastic skins without RotemK, blinghound and others. We wouldnt have the great MusicBee icons without v4lve and ferongr. The fantastic tagging plugin from boroda74. The massive effort from the people doing the translations. The help on the forums by ma_t14, anti, and others. The website setup by RotemK and thegreyspot (who also makes his server available for downloads). I'm sure i've forgotten to mention some people. And of course the great suggestions from everyone!
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Well then I guess a new round of gratitude is in order. ;D
Thank you Steven, RotemK, blinghound, v4lve, ferongr, boroda74 and thegreyspot!


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I had used Media Monkey, then Foobar.
Last MM that includes video couldn't open m4a files, and I can't copy the 'artist-title' from internet radio.
With Foobar had more or less regular 'sound loop PC Freezes'.
Found about MusicBee, I prefer it, very good.

I also like that the volume and song info are located at the bottom. In FB I had to use 'columns' plugin for that.

Thank you.
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