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Also just popping in to say thank you to the developers and the forum team. MusicBee is an absolutely spectacular program. I will never use anything else again. Been using it for around 2 years now, I believe. I made a "feature request" post a while ago and those same features were actually implemented in the latest release. I'm beyond thankful.


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Adding my name to the list of the Thankful... Thanks for all the work Devs have put into this, not sure if it's still just Steven.

I was a winamp user all through the AOL takeover until they finally shut it down in v5.6, then I moved over to MB...

Great player, great library manager, only ever had one or two library corruptions over the years (probably from migrating libraries/machines)

Thanks again, and have a few beers or coffees on me. :)
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To the developers of this wonderful app, thank you so much!  (one man's work...that's even more impressive!)
Listening to music has never been this beautiful. Steven, God bless you man.
You too Hiccup, for the insane Tron Punk skin. That look is just everything I needed to complete my MusicBee setup.
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The source code to any of my contributions is available on the same download link as the add-ons


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You too Hiccup, for the insane Tron Punk skin. That look is just everything I needed to complete my MusicBee setup.
Much appreciated Mayibongwe, enjoy The Bee!


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Just contributed $ and it was worth every penny.  I've been using MB since Jan 2020 to migrate off of iTunes, and it has been a terrific journey.  With help from PsychoDelic (sp?) and others, most problems were overcomed.  I have a library of 1 million tracks (will decrease with dupes) that includes digitized vinyl starting from 1957 and every other media I have/had, in the last 50 years, but hey, MB handles large libraries without complaining!!!!.  Keep doing what you do.


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Many many thanks for MusicBee. Really appreciate it.


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I like how you can just go in and directly play your music without having to do the whole playlist thing.
The inbox feature is something I never thought of in a music player and it has helped me organize my mess of music.
I have many audiobooks and I hated having to do special things for them to be separate from my music. Just drag and drop!
Love having the internet integrated in so I can look up something real quick without having to wait for my browser to load up.
Super happy that it has a Metal preset for the equalizer lol No player I've used has that right in it.

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I never thought this day would come.... I've finally found an app that looks and operates like iTunes... but before iTunes started to suck so very very badly. I never moved past version 10, because I simply couldn't abide the changes to the interface and the eventual loss of the column browser. But as with all things Apple, they either find ways to force you to upgrade, or find way to make it stop working entirely.

I've tried a ton of other apps, but they all seemed too complicated, too expensive, or were just flat out ugly.

I don't know why it took me so long to stumble across MusicBee... but it's just what I was looking for! And with the "classic iTunes skin", I finally have a modern, supported app, that just PLAYS MY MUSIC and lets me sort things THE WAY I WANT TO.

I had almost given up hope.

To the author, please accept my donation and my utmost gratitude.


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First post of a new MusicBee user. I  used iTunes for many years, but since Apple no longer supports it I had to look around for alternatives. I have about 40,000 music tracks, some downloaded, mostly ripped CDs and vinyl. I just scanned the music directory with MusicBee a couple of days ago, and it already works reasonably well for me.  I see that other MusicBee users have archived much bigger collections, so I am sure that I can learn a lot from reading this forum.


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Just saying a big thank you to Steven for making this amazing app. I may have said this before but this needs to be said as many times as possible. ;) :)  ::)

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Hello MusicBee Community!

I'm a new member, but long-time lurker who switched over from iTunes. Wow! MusicBee's library managing tools are such an upgrade!! I can't thank Steven enough for the time it saves when adding new albums. I also need to thank the community for helping each other out all these years. Though I've only picked the program up recently, any problem I've faced was easily searched and found through old posts.

I've been manually tagging all my metadata for the past 10 years in iTunes. Even manually typing out lyrics for hard to find songs. I had no idea such a gem existed, and I've had backlogs of tags to add for years. 

After migrating my library over, and letting the auto-tagging tools run through, it's never looked so complete! Now all 3,700 songs look healthy, haha. It's even got it's own built-in sync-er. I'm so happy I can continue to keep my library offline and in my pocket. Who needs a music streaming platform when you've got MusicBee?

Plus, the sheer amount of skins keeps it looking fresh. I'm currently rockin Classique Beats for those classic car vibes, and theater mode's Rdio Style TX on nights I feel like singing!

Thank you for the truly wonderful program!


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Big thanks to everyone involved in this project, foremost Steven of course!
I'm using Music Bee primarily as a player with auto-playlists along with tags (Mood, Rating, etc). But it also helped me to organize songs into folders but also set missing tags from filename/-path, what saved me a lot of manual work.


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In the summer of 2012, I discovered MusicBee for myself. Before that I used Songbird.

Since MusicBee has quite a few settings, it takes me a while to set up MusicBee for myself.

I was often helped here in the MusicBee forum.

What excites me very much is that there are hundreds of skins for MusicBee and also very many add-ons and plugins.

My favorite skin:

Bee78 by @beeliever

My favorite plugin:

MusicBee Remote for Android by @kelsos

Hereby I would like to thank @steven for this multifunctional music player and to all who helped me here in the forum.

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This is an AWESOME music application, leaps ahead of all others.
Thank You @Steven !!!


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MusicBee is my music player/manager/tagger of choice and the only one that ticks all boxes. Low resource requirements, a sensible amount of customization, and it can do really everything you'd want out of a music player. It has many features yet it doesn't feel bloated because all the features serve a purpose, which makes it very enjoyable to use. It's very rare for software to achieve all of that and the reason why I would use MusicBee as an example for good software. It's also nice that the sole developer, Steven, is frequently implementing feature requests. Thank you for putting in the work and effort @Steven
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