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After the release of the MB on 9th October, the portable version is excellent. Good work Steven.  :)


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New member signing in...

I don't normally bother with this kind of thing (forums etc.), but after downloading and playing with Musicbee Version 3 for a few hours, I am hugely impressed, and in fact, a little bit bowled-over by how good it is.  I was laughing at the screen a few times out of genuine pleasure and amusement once I could see what it could do through the vast amount of options and layouts.

More people should be using it, and I think they will when they find out.  It is that good, I am convinced it will become ubiquitous eventually and everyone will know of it.  
I just noticed it is getting five stars, editors choice, and top of the list at Gizmo's now, so it is well on its way.

I have tried everything else out there. Foobar2000, Jaangle, XMPlay, Media Monkey (probably the closest), but Musicbee is in a different league for more reasons than I have time to list.

AIMP, which I have been using for years, is now consigned to history, and that is not bad, it is just that Musicbee obliterates it in every way.  it is superb, and I only wished I had tried it earlier.

Things I really like: - All the customisation options, the general layout/GUI, the speed even with thousands of tracks indexed, all the different modes of using it, the thought put into how it handles the album art and artist pictures, and the sound quality.

There is nothing I don't like, but like some other users, I would love smooth scrolling and better/easier playlist usage, and I see this is already being worked on, so I am really looking forward to V3.1.  

Anyway, even if further development stopped right this minute, it is still a massively impressive application that I am sure I will use for years to come, if not forever.  

Serious respect to the developer for working on this and making it so good for us all.  He deserves better recognition already.  

A significant donation is on its way from me, not just to thank him for the value Musicbee is to me, but because I also love these kinds of projects and the dedication that the developer puts in to it, and how he interacts with people on here.  I will always support this kind of thing in a big way.  Really well done!  

PS. My wife loves the Musicbee logo/icon, and says she would love a model or soft toy of it.  She is a bit weird like that, but I appreciate why she finds it so cute.  Me, I prefer a good options page myself…  ;D

PS again.  I just noticed the website is also a piece of art - superb.
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Terrific application. Far better than anything else around. Congratulations.


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Thanks for a fine player. After I got a half decent soundcard, and started playing it through my hi fi instead of cds, to make the most of it, I wanted WASAPI and as good quality as possible; foobar at first seemed to be the hi-fi choice. I liked the configurability, hours jiggling panels round and so on, but then it was too much work to re-configure when it crashed.

 MB just does it all better. :)

 One thing I did like about foobar was that my collection could be shown just like in windows, "folder view",so no tagging etc was needed of compilations or single tracks so they don't show up as separate albums.


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To understand the problem. Think it through. All preview Yes Exciting tight You guys are really intelligent MusicBee. It was the most brilliant features, podcast and radio, as well as the use and nice to have. 8)  : - *  : '(  : -X


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To paraphrase Steve Ballmer; "I have four words for you; I. Love. This. Program."

Now that I've converted to Music Bee, I realize I only have two regrets;

1. I didn't stick with Music Bee when I tried it several years ago.
2. I paid actual money for a lifetime license for Media Monkey.

I just want y'all to know that the more I use Music Bee, the more I hate Media Monkey.

Seriously, this program \m/ ROCKS \m/
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It's unusual to find a piece of software that genuinely puts a smile on your face - Musicbee is one of those rare gems!

Everything about it is just done right. The layout is beautiful, yet uncomplicated and intuitive. If you need sophisticated features they are there to be found under the surface.

Hard to believe it's free as well! But I've donated to the cause because this piece of software needs supporting long term, I can't go back to inferior products now!


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I've been using Musicbee for over the past 4 years or so and I have to say, I haven't come across any other similar software that can do what Musicbee can do.
I've just posted another thread for the first time in the 'bug reports' and feel kind of dick now to 'complain' in my first post, so I feel obligated to actually show my appreciation too.

So, here's to you, Steven. You've made a really fantastic piece of software, and it only gets better by the years. I sincerely hope you have all the opportunities to continue further development.

A thankful Musicbee user 8)

Musicbee: ctrl-R rocks!

The Old Gringo

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I struggled with Media Monkey for years.  Then about a year ago, MM decided it would begin playing at its own pleasure.  I searched in vain for a solution and around six months ago, in frustration I uninstalled MM.  I tried Windows 10’s; Groove, but was unhappy with its setup.  Admittedly, I did not delve to investigate its potential.  So, for the past six months, I've been living without my daily music fix.

Two days ago, I decided to look for an alternative and discovered MusicBee.  I read several positive reviews and decided to give it a try.  And I'm very happy I did, the download, installation, and initial operation were simplistic and effortless.  In fact, the hardest task I've had regarding MusicBee was registering in the forum to post this thank you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Konstantinos Paparas for his effort in creating MusicBee Remote.  It works flawlessly as well.

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A very BIG thank you to:-
Steven, RotemK, blinghound, v4lve, ma_t14, anti, ferongr, boroda74, thegreyspot and others...
...for helping to create such a great Media Player in MusicBee.

I've tried the rest and now I'm sticking with THE BEST !!
So grateful to everyone, including hiccup for the prompt responses to questions and Steven for fixes!

Cheers  :D


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I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the obviously incredible software you have created in Musicbee.  I have been using various programs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, over the last decade and a half and nothing comes even remotely close to being as well conceived and implemented as Musicbee.  I have been trying for years to get my music collection organized the way it should be (in my opinion anyway) and the countless hours of effort have left me with a mess, and total frustration.  I had given up on ever having my library neat and organized, and had all but given up on my collection; until I discovered Musicbee.

I recently bought a new PC, moving back to Windows after about 15 years with Macs, and was installing software. After reading some stellar reviews for Musicbee I installed and copied my files to an external drive and let Musicbee loose on it.  I was pretty happy with the initial import, but dismayed by how little of the editing I had done in iTunes was actually applied to the files.  No covers on most of my albums, weird or absent numbering, case issues in names etc., many of which I know I fixed in iTunes.

I was thrilled, repeatedly, every time I discovered a new tool or way to attack the problems on the albums and tracks.  I kept thinking: "I wish you could... OH, I CAN!"  Musicbee made the whole process easy, fast, and allowed me to double check in various ways that my updates had been applied properly.

It took a week, but every single album/file in my collection now has cover art, is numbered and named properly, has the release date, and multidisc albums are all nested properly.  This is no less than monumental, a gargantuan task.  This would have taken a lifetime in iTunes.  Thank you for saving me countless hours of frustration.  I'm loving listening to my music again!

I wish I could buy you a beer.  Do you drink Guinness?

Cheers Mate!  Thanks again.


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I wish I could buy you a beer.  Do you drink Guinness?
Scroll down to the bottom of this page, or any MB page, and click on the 'Donate with PayPal' button. This will allow you to make a donation to Steven in any amount you choose.
Download the latest MusicBee v3.5 or 3.6 patch from here.
Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

The Wiki
Posting screenshots is here
Searching the forum with Google is  here


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Steven, I've been using musicbee for over a month and I'm thrilled. Many Thanks! Musicbee offers so many great functions :-* After completing the tags, I now enjoy my collection. And finally I can send my playlists without effort to usb sticks and my old mp3 player. That's the main reason I was looking for an alternative to itunes. I did not expect the experience of listening to music to change. But this is exactly what happened: 1. I love auto-dj and music explorer. 2. Through artist info I read about the reunion of one of my favorite indie bands (Seems I'm not always up to date.) and yesterday I was at the concert, so Musicbee has caused my husband and me to go out. Today I sent a small donation. Thank you, Fluke, for Kandinsky Dark, my favorite skin.


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i think i will bump this to v3.2 as its summer here...
Thanks a ton for all the work & polish you've put into MusicBee; enjoy the summer!!