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plain and simple.  been using it for years.  no thoughts what-so-ever of looking elsewhere...
yup, that's me...


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I wanted to post to say that I did not know the "disc burner" capabilities were present within MB. I mean the app is by far the best out there for me and is perfect, however, I've just been trawling the net to find an app to burn an audio disc for a file 120mins long (dj mix set) - and with that I also have an associated '.cue' file. What I wanted to do was find something that would recognise up to near the 80min mark that the audio needs to be split and spread over multiple discs.

I found guides that said use other apps to manually break up the file etc., or, as I just wasted a little time on, use iTunes, create a playlist and then burn. Whilst the disc was burning I had a look within MB to find the disc burner within the tools menu. I took a chance on adding my files and I couldn't believe it did exactly what I was looking for i.e. take my audio file and split it over multiple discs.

I was initially dragging the single mp3 (kind of naively assuming the cue sheet cannot be used), but the app recognises there's a '.cue' file there and takes that; not only just that, it so cleverly calculates the track nearest up to the limit of your cd, cuts off there and moves the subsequent track to the next disc. That to me, is truly sublime and excellent programming. This app just want from awesome to perfect! Sincerely, thank you, Steven!

Edit: although I see, it seems, this can only work IF there is a cue file present? ""tracks must be added to the image before using this function"
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From the early days of me using Winamp and then Musicmatch Jukebox, I simply never found an all encompassing music player. That is until I stumbled upon MusicBee. What a masterpiece this is! The amount of functions and capabilities are astounding!

Many thanks again


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Strange as it may seem, I discovered MusicBee on a french Foobar Forum where old foobar users convinced me to change for MB few months ago.
I was looking for a portable music player with the capability to maintain properly my database, and if possible a skinnable view for my eyes.
Since I change for MB, I never been disapointed. MB is very agile and powerful of MB compared my +150k files.

Furthermore I must congratulate Steven for his patience, his talent.
Some French users told me that the developer was gifted and very open minded about users' suggestions or to find solutions for issues. I confirm that it is true.


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I don't have anything newer to say than what has been said already. So, no babbling ... Just a big shout "Love MusicBee! Thank You Steven!! "


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Not sure if you're reading this thread Steven but just in case: thanks for this wonderful piece of software.

I've been using Winamp for almost two decades in combination with MEXP (for the last ten years or so) but a friend of mine advised me to try out MusicBee. Initially I had my doubts.  I also was very attached to a couple of Winamp plugins but the moment I noticed even those can be used in MB I went on trying it.

Amazing! It's exactly what I needed; a worthwile modern (!) successor to Winmap and so much better! It's got (almost ;-) all I want in a player/library and I'm extermely demanding about my music software. Time to make a small donation :-)
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First of all, I want to thank again for making this piece of software, new version (3.0) is amazing!
Now Playing section is fantastic, big album cover, lyrics, playlist. Lovely.

Great work!
Thanks! :)
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I've been using Winamp since 1997 and version 0.92 up to 5.666 and like 2 years ago - when I stumbled upon MusicBee in search for a music player that can work and look the same way but be more modern. MusicBee fulfilled that need and much more, I've never looked back.

I just wanna express that I'm absolutely stunned by getting a reply (with a fix) to a bug report half an hour after I posted it, from a single developer that solely develops and maintains one of the best, if not THE best Windows music player, for free.

I wouldn't believe it if someone told me tbh - <3 Steven.


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I am a software developer and this is awesome software. Fantastic job!


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It's the little things I like.

I just noticed that if I organize the Now Playing list the way I like it, but then I need to alphabetize it for any reason, I am able to revert back
to list as I had had organized it.

Never new that was possible.

Just wanted to say thanks for the little things like this.  Makes my playing/searching music much easier.

My MusicBee Version:


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OK, after manually fixing tags on an external disc. I deleted the old files, turned of WMP put the new files back on the main drive, downloaded the new MusicBee and gave it a go.

I'm very impressed, all the albums are correct, and I love the theater mode. Makes WMP look about 20 years old by comparison.

I left in overnight to analyse the volumes (I've got several thousand music files and an old slow laptop that needs replacing), and the auto-levelling works brilliantly.

Very very impressed, most settings are fairly intuitive compared to other payers as well.. Don't know why I took so long to make the switch.

The "inbox" feature is a real deal clincher for someone as anally retentive as me about getting tags etc right.


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Thanks Steven for making the best music player & manager.


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This app might be best app ever created for computers,just tweaked the settings and It is totally flawless. Definetly gonna donate prob. this week keep up the great work.