Author Topic: Display filename in "Title" field for files with no tags  (Read 2212 times)


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This would just make it easier to figure out which tracks you need to tag. Or, better yet, try to infer the tags from the path of the file (this would be a very cool feature if we could configure how it infers the tags).


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i think i might only be showing the filename where the title is missing in the now playing list. Reason its not done in the main window was i wanted people to see the title was missing.
It already have logic to infer the title (and artist) from the filename but i need to check where it is used - perhaps not when initially scanning in the files if you are finding cases it is missing.
In the version you have, you can easily identify the tracks with missing titles (Tools/ Tagging Tools/ Tag Manager/ filter: files with missing tags and select title as the only item to check)
However at the moment there is no batch update to infer the missing titles but i can easily add that in