Author Topic: Getting the raw audio samples data  (Read 119 times)


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Hi Steven!

What do you think of an API extension which provides the data chunks of the currently played audio?

The GetSpectrumData only provides the FFT from the BASS library as far as I was able to explore.

It turned out other algorithms can be used for deriving the spectrum data, which provide better frequence consistency among the spectrum.


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pretty much the most necessary feature request for a new API function for analysis-oriented visualizations (oscilloscope, peak/RMS meters, etc.) as some of audio analysis algorithms (including certain spectral analysis algorithms like IIR filter bank and even non-power of two FFTs like 4800 samples long FFT) do require raw audio data (which is an array of floating-point numbers representing a short chunk of raw audio data before being put into FFT) in order to function properly

BTW unless the FFT data MusicBee currently have is complex-valued (which can have negative values as the magnitude is a hypotenuse of real and imaginary parts of FFT data, which can't have negative values), it is not possible to properly implement something like Brown-Puckette CQT/VQT (which uses a frequency kernel derived directly in frequency-domain to sharpen time-resolution at higher frequencies) and reassigned FFT (which I think needs complex-valued FFT) into CoolEdit Nostalgia visualizer