Author Topic: Move to Organised Folder AND Remove From Library = Possible?  (Read 320 times)


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Is it possible to uncheck the Add To Library box when I auto-organise my files? It's greyed out.

I use a PC to buy, download, tag, and sort my music, in the inbox.
I delete those I'd never play, the other's once tagged I use the Move to Organised Folder and Add to Library.
I audition these files on any PC or Phone etc. for those I wish to use with my DJ Controller. The files reside on my always on music PC.

Some of those file I wish to keep but would never DJ with, these files I use a button to fire off Move To Organised folder, copying these files to my home server.
And I would like to remove them from the Library on my Music PC as part of the automated process.

(The files are copied to my home server into a monitored folder with the MB instance that runs on the home server for everyone in the house's music)


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The 'add to library' option is greyed out because the files are already in the library.
I don't think there is a way to move/organise files and to remove from the library in the same breath.

My first thought on this would be to move the files to your server as you currently do (do you move or copy? You use both terms in your post) but also maintain a library filter based on file location (<Path> starts with .....). From this filter you could periodically 'select all' and 'remove from library'.


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Thanks tjinc this is what I'm doing now, the manual delete from library.
Good point though on the smart filter though I will lock this onto a tab and remove those periodically instead of after each move/copy to server.

Sorry for the confusing wording, yes I use MOVE and COPY to my server:
I COPY those files I wish to retain on my music PC for DJ purposes, to have a backup copy on server.
I MOVE those file for the Mrs to her server folder that she accesses on her phone and I'll never play.

EDIT: PS. I have another MB installation and Library on the server for playing all music and users.
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