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I can't find the original post right now, but I believe Steven said the MultiArtist tag contains the list of artists separated by 0-bytes. I'm getting an additional \0 at the end of the string, i.e. "Ray Charles\0\"Joliet\" Jake Blues\0". Is that by design for better compatibility with C/C++ where you read up to the next \0, or should I assume that the list contains three artists where the third is the empty string? Right now I tend to just ignore any trailing \0's before splitting the tag because MB returns the empty string (no \0's at all) when the tag is unset.
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it wasnt intentionally done that way but i think it will be as you describe for multiple artists because of the way the string was constructed.
If you use the RemoveEmptyStrings option on the Split function is an easy way to remove the trailing entry - it would never be the case that MB actually uses a null artist