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I am struggling on this!   How do I get Music Bee to Show the Producer & Remixer for a song?    They show in Jaikoz and Picard, but I cannot fathom out how to get them to appear in MusicBee??



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Welcome to the forum spm73

That's probably a matter of mapping tags as specific software (and MusicBee) is expecting them to be.
(there is no universally accepted method/rule for the usage of tags beyond the most basic ones such as artist, title, year etc.)

This post by forum member karbock would be a very good starting point to learn about it and finding a way to solve it.
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It also depends where those tag values are being stored.
Open one of the tracks in MusicBee that you know has that information, and open the Tag Inspector from the drop-down menu in the Tag Editor:

A screenshot of that will help determine the best way to display them.

The Artist Splitter available from the Editor is an easy way to add additional roles like Remixers and Guest Artists:

Then you can use tags like Artists: Remixer and Artists: Guest where you want to display them.
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Hello again

Thank you both for your responses.    I can now see that some producers & remixers do in fact appear in Artists list,  but does seem hit and miss, but its a start to what I want.    There is already a separate field called "Artists: Remixer" , so I can use that on my screen for the Remixer.     

In relation to Zaks post about Tag Inspector..well you learn something new everyday!   I been using Musicbee for about a year now ...and never knew about the Inspector.  Took me a while to find it!   

It looks like the majority of Producers appear in a field called Producer  (Or ID  TAG TXXXX/Producer)m and using a Custom Field, I've got them to show.   Although there are some that appear in the Artists Split list, so I think I will need to look at some virtual tag to extract them too!

Thanks for all your help