Author Topic: images for toggle status not getting refreshed properly  (Read 933 times)


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I am trying to get player control buttons change depending on their toggle status, but it doesn't go well.

I've done this before using unicode characters (what is what I think other TM creators have been doing too), but I am now trying to use images instead of font characters. (for Playing/Paused status)

The result is that the image usually doesn't change, or sometimes it changes after a while, but it's unpredictable and not instantly following the actual playing status. (as e.g. the default player controls for TMs shows)

Perhaps I am doing something wrong though.

Here is a functioning TM xml that shows the behaviour:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!-- button play/pause toggle -->
 <element type="Icon" image="Images\toggle test\button_play.png"
 xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="150"
 yAnchor="Panel.Top" y="100"
 mouseOverFg="255,255,255" onClick="PlayPause" visibleTrigger="NotPlaying"></element>

 <element type="Icon" image="Images\toggle test\button_pause.png"
 xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="150"
 yAnchor="Panel.Top" y="100"
 mouseOverFg="255,255,255" onClick="PlayPause" visibleTrigger="Playing"></element>

<!-- button stop -->
 <element type="Icon" image="Images\toggle test\button_stop.png"
 xAnchor="Panel.Left" x="50"
 yAnchor="Panel.Top" y="100"
 mouseOverFg="255,255,255" onClick="PlayStop" />


The image files for the player buttons can be downloaded here and need to be placed in a folder named:
...\Plugins\TheaterMode.List\Images\toggle test

Perhaps someone can take a look?
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Tested and can confirm the above.
I see you once raised it before here:
The source code to any of my contributions is available on the same download link as the add-ons


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I did have a small itch at the back of my head that Younger Me might have raised this before, but I wasn't sure and couldn't find it.
Good find, and thanks for testing and confirming.