Author Topic: Drag & Drop External Playlists into MusicBee Sidepanel "Playlists"  (Read 1053 times)


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Hello everybody!  :)

Hopefully, I am not the entire outlier as far as this request is concerned. Namely, I am looking for a quick and easy way to get external playlists into MusicBee. This is being said with proper acknowledgement to the developer that providing the support for such a feature might not be at all so "quick and easy".

What I am asking for to be considered, please, is a drag-and-drop action, or perhaps another, more suitable method to apply to get external playlists imported into MusicBee "Playlists" (GUI, left panel). (Screenshot).

Some backdrop is found at this post: How to import m3u-playlists directly into MusicBee?

As an alternative to drag-and-drop, or possibly in addition to it, please consider adding support for another method to import external playlist into MusicBee "Playlists", such as, for e.g., right-clicking on a premade folder to evoke the context menu through which to "Import Playlists". I realise this is a crude layout, but it's just a general idea to start with.

Thank you!

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I thought there was already a way to drag and drop external playlists into MusicBee?
Maybe someone with more experience with playlists can chime in?