Author Topic: Ripping CDs with MB. Always need to restart.  (Read 850 times)


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Hi. I am having an issue ripping CDs with MB. I am using a portable ASUS portable optical disk reader plugged into my Windows 10 laptop.

I plug in the drive and insert a disk.
I open MB, and open the rip dialog.
MB finds the correct album, all the options are set, and everything is ready to go.
I click Start Rip, the first item in the window says Ripping..... and then nothing at all happens.

I eventually manage to back out and exit MB, getting a few different prompts, but it sometimes seems to hang (or I lose patience with how long it's taking to release the rip) and I terminate the MB process manually.

Then, I restart MB, do the same thing, and it rips without problem, sometimes at surprisingly fast speeds (24x.)

This is pretty consistent.

When I try to rip another disk in that same MB session, it almost always does the same thing. One time, it did a few rips in a row without without needing be restarted. But never again. It's not a function of the rip format.

Any ideas what's going on?

I am using MB 3.5.8150 P. I know it's not the most recent. I will update (and probably should have before posting.)

Thank you!
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I doubt the new MB version will help but you could try whitelisting MB in your security software.
You might be better off just using another app for cd ripping eg. EAC


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Thanks, Steven. I will give that a try!

Thank you for creating such a fabulously functional and friendly program!