Author Topic: After dragging *.mp3 from FileExplorer into Playlist "Date added" column empty?  (Read 516 times)


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I have a playlist. and removed all currently assigned MP3 songs from it.

It is empty now.

Now I drag & drop approx 50 MP3 files form FileExplorer onto this empty playlist.
Yes, all songs are added and can be played by double click on them, BUT the column "Date Added" is empty.

I would have expected that at least the current timestamp is filled it.

Or (a bit smarter): the date when these MP3 files were added the first time (=In previously playlist) should be retrieved from Library.

How can I tell MB to fill column "Date added"?

By the way: In all other playlists the column is normally filled.
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Date Added is the date track were added to the MusicBee Library, not the date they were added to a playlist.
If the field is empty, I'd guess that means the tracks you added to the playlist are not also in the database.
The playlist just includes the location of the track on your computer, so MusicBee will play them regardless.
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