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Am I doing something wrong or does MusicBee seem to take forever to rip a CD? The entire process takes about 10-15 minutes.


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how long the rip takes depends on the rip settings and conditon of the CD, with either of the secure rip settings taking much longer than a standard rip.

Just so everyone knows what the options do:
- quick rip means no verification is done
- secure rip means verification is done ie. disc is re-read and if any errors then retries until it gets 8 matches, to a maximum of 16 retries.
- c2 detection is an even higher level of checking, where the C2 error data from the CD drive is checked. If this option is ticked, MusicBee will recheck the sectors with C2 errors and match 8 times just in case there was a problem.
- verification is a website that has the results of other peoples rips, so if your rip matches others you can be pretty confident it has no errors

Generally if your cd is in good condition and you want a faster rip but with some level of confidence, tick quick rip and verification. The other options as you would guess slow down the rip but could be used for scratched or old discs

I also find with my CD drive that sometimes the spin is slower for no apparant reason and when i re-insert the CD it rips at normal speed