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in current mb version artworks can be only either embedded or skipped/stripped (if i tick "do not copy artwork") on syncing with plugin virtual device. they can't be copied to folder.jpg or <filename template> files. also, artworks remain embedded if i select one of "copy artwork to image file" options, but this is a desirable behavior for me.

also, lyrics settings are completely missing for plugin virtual devices, and lyrics only preserved (even in case of track reencoding) if lyrics were embedded.

could you add lyrics settings for plugin virtual devices, make mb to respect artwork/lyrics settings, and send to plugin non-music artwork/lyrics files if required along with tracks?

the most desirable mb behavior for me:

1.  mb should not change source track if it's not really required, i.e. mb shouldn't remove embedded artwork/lyrics, if they are embedded, (but mb still should send them as external files to plugin) from source track if user has chosen to sync artwork/lyrics as external files, and no actual reencoding of audio data has been performed.

so that "sync links" plugin could create symbolic/hard links to source tracks instead of copying tracks, if it's possible to do not violating practically important user settings.

2. external artworks/lyrics should be sent to plugin just along with generic tracks on syncing. i can internally in plugin differentiate music files from artworks/lyrics file by file extension.

api function:


must return temp file for external artwork/lyrics if it has been extracted from track, but original file if it has been initially stored as external file in mb library, so that "sync links" plugin could just create symbolic/hard links to artwork/lyrics file, when possible.