Author Topic: Allow Album cover panel to be the same size when Track Info (2) is stacked with  (Read 196 times)


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Bit hard to explain this one, so i'll add some screenshots too..

Currently when you add the Track Information (2) panel as a stack with other panels (e.g. Tracks/Bio/Lyrics) and you also have the Album Cover panel (not stacked), the album cover displays as a different size when the Track Info (2) panel is selected than it does when the other panels/tabs are selected.

I guess more than anything I'm after consistency, so when I click through the different tabs the album cover doesn't change size (which is how it works except for the Track Info (2) panel).
If you refer to my first and second screenshot on the Tracks panel and Bio Panel, I'd like the artwork to stay the same (larger) size when switching to the Track Info (2)/Details panel instead of shrinking like it does.

Tracks Panel and Bio Panel = Good, album cover stays the same size

Track Info (2) Panel = Shrinks



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