Author Topic: Help Needed getting computer music files in date order on Music Bee  (Read 339 times)


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Please Help.
I Have Windows 10 & 11 on two laptops, both have Music Bee 3.4.8033 [Windows 10] & 3.5.8447 Windows 11.
Thw Files on my computer are in files which are Group file first then Albums within the Group file. All Albums in windows are sorted like and album with Album Artist,Album,Album,Song Number,Song Title,Contributing Artist,Genra,Year and Length. Whe I up load to Music Bee everthing loads, fine but I have tried everything to put all the albums in date order first follwed by Album folled by Group and Genra, but hasve failed. Is this a case where my files on the computer are in album order eg a to z format, as it looks like in Music Bee eveything is in the same order as the computer, I can change the order what on Music Bee but it will not do it, i changed in the [Main Panel>Customise Panel] which brings up Artwork Layout where it looks like I can change all the aspects of what i require in [Define rules use [Year>Year is]. What I=am I doing wrong or is it down to the way the albums are put in the files on the computer. Just a quickie when I upload all my files to Windows Media Player it does what everything I require with album in date order. Only problem is with windows its a crap player. Anyone have any ideas which is simple to get me my ideal situation. Any further info please ask


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Have you tried Edit --> Preferences --> Sorting/Grouping?

And what do you mean by 'Group'?  If this is something you do in Windows file explorer only, MusicBee might not 'understand' what you mean.  This is some of the FAQ for MB's "Grouping"

Fields in this option group allow to define what set of files MusicBee treats as an album. Your files may be placed in different places on your hard disk, organized or not, and be tagged in different ways, but MusicBee still needs to know in some contexts (fe. grouping by album in Album view of the main panel), what files constitute an album.

Grouping options allow for flexible album definition: your definition of an album can reflect a physical disk, set of disks sold as one item (multi-disc album, box set) etc.


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Hello Avensis and welcome to the forum.

To expand on what watdub said, MusicBee can present your albums:
(1) either by following the folder structure (from within the left side panel)
(2) or by browsing tag lists (with or without pictures).

In the main panel, you can define the order of the album covers.
* Make sure that view 'Albums' (= 'Album Covers') or 'Album and Tracks' is selected.
* Click on the main panel header menu ('Albums' or 'Album and Tracks') -> Sort By.
* Predefined orders 'Album Artist/ Year/ Album' and 'Year/ Album' seem close to what you wish.

You can also define a custom sort order, via the same menu: Sort By -> Define Custom Sorting...
Does it suit your wishes?

Like watdub, I have difficulties understanding your post. In particular, the use of terms such as "files" and "group" is not clear. I'm wondering if you don't use "file" instead of "folder" in some cases.
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