Author Topic: Winamp "Classic Spectrum Analyzer" plugin with MusicBee  (Read 72870 times)


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Did you manage to get it working on your end?
yes, but all i've done is i've added 'visualizer: graphics' to the bottom panel. now this visualizer is working and configurable both at the bottom panel and in visualizer tab.


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Ditto to Boroda's experience.  Maybe trying to summarize the install will help those who have problems with this.  As always, start with the latest version of MusicBee:

1.  Close MusicBee.  Download the plugin at, and extract both the DLL and the folder inside as-is into the MusicBee Plugins folder.

2.  Start MusicBee.  Go into Configure Layout/Arrange Panels, and look for the choice "visualiser:graphic" in the Available Elements list.

3.  Pull the "visualiser:graphic" element over to the left side to either "bottom panel" or "top panel" or "right sidebar," and hit Save.  then restart MusicBee.

4.  Resize the visualiser window as desired, then drop its menu and choose "classic" from the choices.  Restart MB just to be on the safe side.

5.  Now if you right-click within the visualiser window you will see the settings menu for the analyser.  These can be adjusted in real-time while music is playing.  Choose a preset from the Options tab if desired.


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Hello Sveakul,

did you were able to change the hight of the visualization panel?

I was unable to do that and got stucked with about fixed 250 px but i would like to set around 40 px.
Currently the visualization pannel eats up almost 1/3rd of my screen now :-\  ...

Would be great if anyone could help here.


Hello, i saw this in the first pages of this thread and i like how there's a frequency spectrum as well as the complete waveform of the audio under it that is probably able to click on it to playback to another part of the song.

I'm using spotify accent skin right now, is it possible to add theses 2 to this skin? Or do i have to change for another skin? What skin is it? How would i do this?
I looked around on the forum and it seems posts are really old or i need to read through many pages of updates and people thoughts...
Is there an updated simple way to add a freq analyser and waveform display to musicbee without having to go in the crazy intense visualizer tab which i'm not interested in?

Thanks :)


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The frequency spectrum IS the "Classic Spectrum Analyzer" plugin and is not a skin-dependent item but can be added to the bottom panel by following the 5 steps in my Reply #91 post above.  The colors and bar-forms are user selectable and can be straight black and white or "crazy intense" as you choose.

The effect just below that in the screenshot you posted is the completely separate progress "Wave Bar," which is built-in to MusicBee and can be selected by right-clicking the player control bar and choosing Panel Layout->Wave Bar.  It's not a skin-dependent item either, although different skins can make it appear in different colors.