Author Topic: Vertical A-Z jumpbar on right-hand side?  (Read 7342 times)


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Just a quick wish -

could we have the option of positioning the A-Z jumpbar on the right-side rather than the left?

It makes more sense to me to have it next to next to the scroll bar than on the left. Also, as I auto-hide the left and right panels, it makes more sense to have it right because that panel has a longer delay on auto-showing.


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Deleted my post because I'm apparently not firing on all cylinders today.


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I don't know if this was a feature when this post was made, but you can already do this in the View > Arrange Panels settings. Click the three dots for which ever part of your MB layout has  the Jumpbar in the Navigator


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Click the three dots for which ever part of your MB layout has  the Jumpbar in the Navigator
Not so. The OP is looking to place the jumpbar on the right side  of the main panel and that can not be done.
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+1 for the ability to place the vertical jumpbar on the right side of the main panel