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bro im sure coding makes ur mind go poof sumtimes
umm another suggestion btw i got was that u could maybe make it so that the album and artist text take the album art colors?
and the background as well rn its jus a black screen right instead of that make it so that it blurs the album art and uses that as the background?
sorry if im jus piling stuff on ya rn :'(
if i could lend a hand i certainly would but idk anything bout coding oof

It can be pretty nuts. I've been down some god awful rabbit holes at times.

I spent pretty much all day yesterday on this antialiasing stuff. I got a shader working with FXAA but it only works on the internals of the image, not the edges which is the biggest problem. I really need multisampling for that. There is nothing on the internet about SharpGL and multisampling except people commenting they can't do it. Nothing in the documentation or samples, it's like they just completely ignored that functionality which is pretty bizarre. It's frustrating.

I've got one more thing left to try and then I'll give up on it and maybe just do the best workaround I can in the shader. At least that's one plus of updating to modern GL, I have options to manipulate the image via a shader which I couldn't do before. I'm not porting all this code to a different library, the jaggies will just have to stay if I can't figure it out. I tried adding a transparent border around the covers which did make a marginal difference, I might have to settle for that.

Making the background a blur of the album covers is a good idea, I'll see what I can do there. As I stated in the previous post, it doesn't have to be black, you can make it whatever colour you want in the Skin.ini file.

At this stage it is very unlikely I will do it for the album/artist info. I might be able to make them an averaged colour of the album cover colours but every letter would be that one colour and I don't think that's what you mean. I think I know a way it could be done but it's pretty complicated and will cause issues with transparency of the box they are drawn into.

I don't know how appealing it will be though. It might not be an issue when manually scrolling but if it's setup to scroll to the cover when the playing song changes, different backgrounds and lettering colours for each cover is going to strobe like crazy when shifting covers....I guess I could put a delay in updating the background so it's less abrupt. We'll see.
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