Author Topic: List of auto generated music urls.  (Read 15703 times)


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right now the only way would you for you to open your own window (see boroda74's Advanced Plugins API as an example - you can see the source code for it)
There isnt any API support for adding panels directly to MB - i would be prepared to add that but not right now


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(EDITED twice)
I've been browsing his source for a while,  and finally found it, but it's too hard for me to implement anything in it (will cost too much time).
I will stick to the Menu Items for now.
For people possibly looking for the same, this is how to make a window (for now) (check boroda74 for skinning) :
mbForm = (Form)Form.FromHandle(mbApi.MB_GetWindowHandle()); 
ownedForm.Text = "Radio Dig";

1. Any ideas about my previous post, about refreshing / loading new plugins  without closing MB?
2. Also, I would love it if API could make a new Dropdown  in Navigator Panel.   :P
3. And tertio, NowPlayingList_QueueNext does not work if the character '-' is inside the string. Does it have to be URL-encoded or bug?
EDIT: HttpUtility.UrlEncode does not encode "-" (dash)! So, maybe "dash" should be allowed and it's a bug after all?

Now it works with dash!!!???  Maybe Steven fixed it in a weekly build. Thanks if so!

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