Author Topic: Titles are not filtered in Album view with a search  (Read 452 times)


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With MB 3.5.8384

I hope it's an oversight and not by design...

In the Albums Covers view, the results of a search (with the search field in the top bar) is not filtered as in the Album and Tracks view.


I look for the title "Hyacinth House". Currently, when "Hya" is searched with the search field, only the albums that contain a title with the string "Hya" are indeed displayed, but the problem is all the titles in these albums remain visible :

So we have to find ourselves where the matching title(s) is (are) in the album(s). So it is really not efficient to reach and play quickly a title we want.

Of course I can use the Album and Tracks view, but I prefer the Albums Covers view. I really don't understand why this behavior. It seemed to me that it was working the right way before.

Moreover, when using the column browser in the Albums Covers view, the titles inside the albums are then correctly filtered, so, beside it is not handy, this is not a consistent behavior IMO.

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click the search icon/ Search Results/ and untick Always show entire album