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Anyone know if it's possible to sort multi-value tags alphabetically somehow? I have a custom tag called <TrackInfo>, some with only one value and some with multiple values. The multiple ones are not ordered and very inconsistent.

Looking to turn this: [take 1]; [extended]; [5.1 mix]
Into this: [5.1 mix]; [extended]; [take 1]


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How to get rid of this annoying error? I searched the forum, but I understand nothing of what I found about it.

"Some tag names are duplicated". Plugin is not properly initialized.

Sorry, I have no clue.

I had to turn off that plugin because of this error.

Hopefully, I can find the answer because this is a really helpful and great plugin.
plugin wont work correctly if you see this message. go to mb menu> edit> prefs> tags (1)> custom tags> define new tags> configure fields. make sure that all tag names are unique.


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Is there a way to print exactly the way the Library Report shows album artist, album, artwork when I run "preview"? See image attached.

If I try to do any or the exports HTML, CSV, M3U, TXT I don't get the same results. Under CSV, M3U, TXT i lose the album thumbnail. If I save under any of the HTML I get the Album thumbnails but no album artist or album, just the JPG info under the thumbnail.

The way the "Library Reports" generates the list before any export is what I am hoping to be able to print. It's alphabetized and simple, just album, artist and thumbnail. 

Thank you
suggest that you are looking in some subfolder of the folder where you saved html. find html file in upper folder.