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Hello !

I've been using musicbee for a while, but I recently launched the visualisers that are in the application, because I would like to create a visual atmosphere for my new year's party :).
I would mainly like to use milkdrop, but after setting up the plugin correctly by creating a configuration file to increase the number of FPS, I realized that it had gone from 30 to only 40, while there is theoretically no limit. This point has been raised by other users on the forum and there is apparently no explanation for this problem, no matter what codec is used or what settings are applied.

Nevertheless I could observe that the frames per second exceed 40 when the application window is minimized. When I reopen the application the frame counter increases and then quickly drops to 40. This number increases the longer I leave the application minimized, but it systematically returns to 40
I made a video of it and here is the link: Link wetransfer

And a screenshot

Screenshot musicbee milkdrop 40 fps limit

I really hope you can help me to unlock this limit. I have never found a better audio player, and I would love to be able to enjoy milkdrop completely!
Wishing you a good day
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