Author Topic: Playlist Track Visualization Preview Column  (Read 2411 times)


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Hi all,

Similar to how the Spectrogram-Display renders a more feature rich visual thumbnail for an individual track is playing, I'd very much like to see a visual thumbnail of the track inline within the track listing / library center pane instead of, or in addition to the thumbnail art for each track.

rekordbox's playlist feature is a good example of something lower fidelity than the full spectrogram, but still visually remarkable expressing discernable track features relative to other tracks in the playlist.


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It'd be really cool to be able to embed images in a custom column in the tracklist!


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+1 from me as well.

As a thought for (possibly... :D) low hanging fruit implementation  - could it be a possibility to have the spectrum analyser write a small image file (specs/res based on user pref), have that then added as an 'artwork' image (not sure if that would allow wide / non-square aspect ratios, or if there are limitations when icon/disc is used, or if there is a way to create custom slots... I do barely use Artwork for Cover only... :D), which in turn could be shown through the 'artwork' option (if field can be specified...).
Just a thought.
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