Author Topic: Can you make the now playing popup thing show up over full screen programmes?  (Read 1404 times)


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There are games I like to play with music on in the background, and I like to know what's playing, so I set the hotkey for the now playing thing. Some games don't allow borderless windowed and look terrible just windowed. Is there some way I can make it show up over full screen programmes? Even if I have to code something I don't mind, I just wanna be able to stay in the programme and see what's playing.


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I recently started using MusicBee, and this was something I was trying to figure out. I assume that the reason this is a thing is because of this post:

It looks like it was made a feature, because in some games it causes the display to glitch or something.

What I wonder is why it wasn't made an option that could be changed, because I would like it if the popup did show up.


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"CD Art Display" will do more or less what you require. You can customize it to display the CD art (resizable) What screen to show on (if you have multiple monitors) for how long it appears and of course font style/size and X / Y by pixel to the position on the screen you prefer. Also you can use it to pause, play, and control the basics of MBB.
Worth a try.
Technically it's not made for MBB but that didn't stop someone (Steven : Admin boss man dude) making it work


ps don't worry about the out of date stuff in the thread above, I just listed it fyi - google search "CD Art Display" and download the current version "cad3b1600" - it works perfectly "fine" now. 1 in 50 launches it may hang, barely a crash. big boy pants.
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It usually depends on the game. Some of them allow full-screen popups, and some don’t. @Turn is right, “CD Art Display” is the only software I know that can more or less help. But I usually just create playlists for each game I want to play and navigate them using special “music” buttons on the keyboard.
I used to make popups for websites, and they are usually designed not to appear over the full screen because it would be overly annoying for the user. The only type of popups I was adding to any website I was making were abandonment-prevention popups. I used to make them use an online maker from They are not designed to block the view but just to demonstrate what else a user can find on our website before leaving.
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