Author Topic: Something causing volume leveling?  (Read 324 times)


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This is hard to describe, but recently something seems to be limiting the volume of my tracks in MusicBee. It is most noticeable if I start playing a song loudly and then seek to the middle of the track. The volume will suddenly drop to a lower level. If I restart the application, the problem usually goes away but then comes back after a few tracks.

I have my output set to DirectSound but I have also tried WASAPI and I get the same result. I have no replay gain tags on any of my tracks and this issue does not seem to occur if I play the files in VLC. I am running Windows 11 so it is possible that this is something being caused by Windows but I cannot figure out what.

Can anyone give me any ideas of what could be causing this? Thank you!


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Sounds an awful lot like this thread here:;  try the solution that worked there, i.e. replacing bass_aac.dll with the latest version (