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(My apologies in advance as this has probably been addressed before. I scanned the forums but an answer to this specific scenario didn't jump out at me.)

My current Musicbee library was added as-is from an existing folder structure. I've seen a lot about instructing Musicbee on what to do with new files, but what if I want Musicbee to take a pass at the existing file structure? I currently have all my music in a path F:\Music and I want everything to stay in F:\Music. But from there, I'd like for Musicbee to tidy up the subfolders within that and move any files around that are out of place. Can this be done without accidentally copying my whole library? Is there something in particular I should really watch out for before attempting this?
Is it just a matter of adding another rule here that's basically on drive f:\music and to drive f:\music ??


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Not sure what version of MusicBee you are running, but the File Organization window in v3.5 that I have looks like this:
i.e I don't have the "on drive" section appearing on your screenshot.

#1 from the above represents the folder that this file is going to be moved to.
#2 represents the filename that will be used to rename the file.

Is there something in particular I should really watch out for before attempting this?
One thing to note would be that tracks with empty tags would get moved to "unknown <tag>" folders.
When this has happened, I believe some people usually come to the forum to report that MusicBee has "deleted my music by itself".
Just know, MusicBee will do exactly what you tell it to.

Experiment on this with a few files at first to see if its behaving the way you want before applying it to the whole library
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