Author Topic: Compilation albums not sorting correctly even with correct "Album Artist"  (Read 289 times)


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Most of my compilation albums are correctly sorted. However, there are a couple that are incorrect and I can't figure out why.

One album is sorted as "Various; Various Artists" and its info in Picard

Then there are a couple that correctly show up under "Various Artists" except one or two songs aren't sorted as "Various Artists":

I also took a screenshot of an album that sorts correctly into "Various Artists":

Sorry in advance if this is obvious and I'm just really dumb lol


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No need to apologize, you did some homework and tried to find the solution. That should always be rewarded.

Check the "Sorting" tab in the track properties. I've had this set to some oddball things when tagging from Picard.

I've also found that when I use files of questionable provenance I have to run them through tag fixing software to get everything correct. (I use mp3tag, mp3diags, kid3 and Tagscan)

Good luck.
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Two more possible causes to check:


ALBUM ARTIST has multiple values, with the tag being repeated for each value, such as:
* ALBUM ARTIST: Various artists

If this is the case, you will be able to see it with mp3tag and its tag inspector (Alt+T).
(I don't know what tag inspector is shown in the screenshots.)
I'm much less familiar with kid3 and Tagscan, also mentioned by Phaedrus.


* For ALBUM ARTIST, some tracks of 'Electronic Evocations...' have 'Various artists', while others have 'Various'.
* In MB's preferences, what defines an album is its name only. (See: Preferences -> Sorting/Grouping -> grouping.)