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musicbee  has tethered me to windows. I can't switch OS's because this app is so well made. I'm willing to shell out a couple thousand dollars for someone to port musicbee to linux - would anyone else be interested in contributing? I'm not sure what it would cost in total to develop a proper port and would appreciate input.


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The word "no" is all of two letters. You should learn to take it for an answer, it'll save you a couple thousand dollars.


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MusicBee is not an open-source project so there is nothing to port.
Other uses have reported running MusicBee on Linux via Wine, so you could try that.
Bee excellent to each other...


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There's also a project to install Windows On the Raspberry Pi.  I installed Musicbee on a Win/Pi but never really did anything with it as it was a bit slow and sound output was a bit iffy at the time.  Must dig it out someday now that you've rekindled the memory. 

The 8Gb Pi4 is probably the model to aim for.