Author Topic: Although PluginType.VideoPlayer is set, PlayVideo() is not called.  (Read 1331 times)


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This post( ) says:
in the Plugin class Initialise() function:
about.Type = PluginType.VideoPlayer;

and create a function as follows:
        public bool PlayVideo(string[] urls)
...your code
            return true;

When MB detects that function in a plugin it will call it instead of invoking an external .exe
But I noticed when next track is a video, PlayVideo(string[] urls) is not called automatically unless pushing pause button(when playing music).


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Perhaps after applying the patch, sometimes when MusicBee starts, ”Computer > C:\Users\<User Name>\Music\MusicBee\Playlists” of left side pane is selected.
I confirmed this problem occurs even if removing my plugin.