Author Topic: Synchronize MusicBee playlists with Spotify  (Read 2846 times)


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I was able to export my playlist as an M3U file, but that only contained file names. When I tried to upload my playlist file to a third party website to create a Spotify playlist, it butchered probably 30% of the matches, which really kinda defeated the purpose of trying to automate this task.

The problem seems to be mostly that the M3U file was completely lacking metadata. This made matching extremely difficult, if not impossible.

I think that MusicBee would be much more able to match songs in the local library, to songs in Spotify, thanks to all of the metadata. And then it would be easy to sync playlists up and down.

One of the reasons for doing this would be being able to (legally) share a playlist with friends, when those friends might have Spotify but not actually own any local music.

Another reason might be to take advantage of Spotify's song suggestions, which could analyze songs that you've marked as "Loved" on their platform, and then suggest new songs and artists.


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A playlist is nothing more than a text file containing the local path to the tracks. Tagging is done within each track, not in the playlist.

I don't know the workings of Spotify, but I would think you would need to not only upload your playlist, but also your properly tagged tracks (music files.) And I don't know if Spotify allows that.
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If you're talking about soundiiz, you're much better off copying the tags into a text file using Musicbee's clipboard (Set using 'Send to' clipboard tags in preferences Tags(2)) and in the format/order and delimited as proscribed by Soundiiz. Highlight all the songs in the playlist, right click, send to clipboard and then paste into a text file and upload that to Soundiiz. I've done this hundreds of times without trouble.


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I always create a collection of music hits that I like. And I listen exclusively on the Spotify streaming platform. And using spotify promotion ( allows you to get a lot of listens in a short period of time, which is very important for new songs.
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Hey! MusicBee sounds like a great option because it handles a lot of extra info. Sharing playlists legally and getting those neat Spotify suggestions sounds awesome!
Here's a tip: Before exporting, make sure your music library is organized well. Correct song titles and artist names can really help with matching. If you're still having trouble, try sorting your playlist differently—it might make things easier to match up.
Oh, and for musicians looking to get more plays on Spotify, check out It could give your music a nice boost! Good luck!
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