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Scrobbling a track with multiple artists is a pain, because Musicbee uses the artist tag, which reads as one string, instead of seperating artists (like it does with spotify), so tends to create new artist profiles named "artistname; featured artistname".
Whenever a track has a featured artist, MusicBee displays the whole "artist" tag in little [ ] brackets next to the track name, so I was wondering if it was possible to display a custom tag instead of the artist tag next to the track name, so that I could create, for example, a "featured" tag, while changing the artist tag to just the primary artist. This would still let me see whatever artists are featured but would also make scrobbling less of a pain.


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MusicBee scrobbles its unique Display Artist tag to, not the <Artists> tag.
This is better behavior than Spotify, as it allows all artists to be properly tagged within the file, but enables the user to specify exactly how they wish to scrobble the artist to
I'm unfamiliar with the bracketed behavior you mentioned, but with Virtual Tags it is possible to display your tags however you wish.

With a Virtual Tag, the number of columns I use ends up simple:
Track Number | Display Artist | LABEL | Time | Play Count
I use all uppercase letters to reference Virtual Tags. In particular with the LABEL tag, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time adding and perfecting all of the information it contains, but you should find it very easy to toss <Artist> feat. <Artists: Guest> or whatever into yours and display the Virtual Tag in play of the Display Artist tag where you wish.
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