Author Topic: Which version of MB on Win7  (Read 615 times)


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Hello, I am new to Musicbee. I have a Win10 laptop and a strong Win7 desktop. I keep nothing critical on my desktop, minimize time on internet and keep my AV up to date. I know that Win7 gets more vulnerable every day but I love it so much that I’m going to use it until the machine breaks. But Windows Media Player has gotten unstable and I don’t use it anymore. That being said, I really like the way MB works on my laptop and would like to install on my desktop. So I am asking: Is MB still viable fort Win7 and which version would you recommend for a Win7 machine?


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v3.4 from the downloads page should be fine


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Welcome to MusicBee and the forum. I've run MusicBee on my Win7 Intel NUC for years now -since Zune lost most of its functionality, though I still have that, WMP, and WMC installed. I've been running V3.4.7805 since its release, and I think it's my third version. I learned MB under Win 7 and before long also installed it on a Surface Pro 2 running/updated to Win 10. I'm still learning MB on both systems. The Surface is mostly a dedicated MusicBee player that connects automatically to my stereo through Bluetooth. All music collection management except for playlists is done on the NUC. Again, welcome and enjoy MusicBee on Win7.


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If it means anything I use v3.5.8146 on my Win 7 without any problems for now.
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