Author Topic: Where does MusicBee distinguish between Cover.jpg and Folder.jpg for Album Art?  (Read 870 times)


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Just finished loading over 1000 CDs into MusicBee and comprehensively tagging them - it took 3 months but using MusicBee was an absolute joy - fantastic program!

I have a UPnP setup where:
Music Server is MinimServer 2 (running on a Synology NAS) with the content directory pointing at the MusicBee folder.
Control Point is Hi-Fi Cast on an Android phone.
Music Renderer is a Marantz NA 6006 Network Audio Player connected to my hi-fi.

It's all working very well apart from one small issue which I cannot resolve.

In Hi-Fi Cast the Album Artwork is not displayed for a small number of albums, even though MusicBee displays the Album Art correctly for those albums.

Looking at the song details in Hi-Fi Cast: the Art URL is different for the two cases.
Where Album Art is displayed correctly the Art URL is (effectively):
<NAS>/<Minimserver>/<MusicBee Album>/Cover.jpg
but when no Album Art is displayed the Art URL is:
<NAS>/<Minimserver>/<MusicBee Album>/Folder.jpg.

All of my Album Art is named Cover.jpg so it's not surprising that when Hi-Fi Cast requests Folder.jpg it gets nothing.

I assume that where this is failing MusicBee must be telling Hi-Fi Cast that the Album Art is Folder.jpg instead of Cover.jpg

My problem is that I cannot see anywhere in the data for these albums in MusicBee that mentions Folder.jpg instead of Cover.jpg.

In 'Edit Preferences - Tags(1) - artwork' it specifies the artwork name as: Cover.*
In the Tag Inspector there is no mention of either Cover.jpg or Folder.jpg in any of the tags.
If, in the track editor, I right-click the artwork for a track (one that shows as Folder.jpg in Hi-Fi Cast) and select "Save Picture To..." the filename offered is Cover.jpg and not Folder.jpg.

I guess I could fix this by duplicating Cover.jpg as Folder.jpg in each Album folder where the error occurs, but I'd rather find and correct wherever it is in MusicBee that is holding Folder.jpg instead of Cover.jpg for these few albums.

** EDIT **
I just found an album where Artwork IS displayed correctly in Hi-Fi Cast but the Art URL points to:
<NAS>/<Minimserver>/<MusicBee Album>/Folder.jpg
but only Cover.jpg exists in the MusicBee Album folder.
So now I'm even more confused!


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Solved - nothing to do with MusicBee!

The issue is actually down to certain hidden image files not being displayed by Windows Explorer despite the "Hidden Items" checkbox being ticked. I compared a troublesome folder on my Synology NAS drive with the folder on Windows 10 where I'd copied it from. I was surprised to see that the Synology NAS folder showed the following extra files in addition to Cover.jpg:


These same files do in fact exist in the Windows 10 folder but are not visible even with "Hidden Files" checked in Windows Explorer.
They can, however, be displayed from a Windows Command Prompt using the /A:H parameter of the DIR command to display files with the "Hidden files" attribute.

It would appear that MinimServer 2 prefers Folder.jpg to Cover.jpg, so once Folder.jpg is deleted and MinimServer 2 restarted, then the desired Cover.jpg is selected by MinimServer and passed to Hi-Fi Cast.