Author Topic: select which nonmedia files to move?  (Read 111 times)

Mr. Trev

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Since MB can now display if PDFs are available for albums (didn't know I wanted this feature ;) until now) I'd like to see a way to pick which files will get transfered with my music files through organization.

Before this I just left that option disabled in the organization setup since I couldn't be bothered with logs, unembedded pics, etc. But I'd love to keep the PDFs organized (now I have to go digging to find all the PDFs I left behind). Having the ability to select which file types should be moved when organization runs would be a big bonus in my eyes.


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At this point I'm using the PDF feature as I go back in time and search the web for booklets, etc to accompany my existing collection. It would be nice going forward to have the ability to move the PDFs to my collection at the same time as moving the tracks.
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Unzip into your MusicBee directory and overwrite existing files.

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Mr. Trev

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Just had a thought…

Would it be best if MB just treated PDFs just like another image file?
Manage them through the artwork manager with the option to link to files (like you can with cover.jpg, etc)
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